Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Movie Resolutions for 2012

It is a brand new year so I have a few goals.

Of course weight loss is always a goal, so when I go to the movies, no candy and I will be getting water instead of soda. 

I will be on leave for a couple of months due to a surgery I have coming up.  During that time, I will be continuing my blog, but will try to watch a whole bunch of movies.  That is part of the reason I subscribed to Netflix.  This will give me an opportunity to try out some movies I might not normally watch.

There are a few movies coming out this year that I am already excited about.

Breaking Dawn Part 2.  This is a totally fake poster by the way.  It also comes out before the Mayan calendar runs out.  So that is good.

Hunger Games.  The books were really good.  I hope the movie is as good.  I swear I read other things than popular teen fiction. 

One for the Money.  See, I read adult mystery/romance books too. 

I am sure as the year goes on there will be more movies I want to see.  I would like to see the Best Picture nominees. 

I would also like to continue to write every day about things I like. 

Happy New Year to my four readers including my husband.  I hope that 2012 is great for you!

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  1. Found your blog on PIWTPITT. Anybody that is into the Twilight Saga is ok in my book! Hope you will give my blog a chance as well.