Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Women In Movies Getting Rescued

I am still thinking about "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo".  I want positive female role models in movies.  I really don't like when the woman stands by the sidelines and watches some big strong man save her. 

It starts young.

First of all, in this photo, the Pink Ranger's weapon is a fan?  My son was a huge fan of the Power Rangers.  There was a Christmas where I almost went to blows over the last Green Ranger that he just had to have Christmas morning.  But it is a terribly sexist. 

The Power Rangers were given magic powers to fight the evil of the world.  They gave all the kids the same powers.  But it never failed that one of the girl rangers would get trapped somehow and would need rescued.  This irritated the crap out of me.  But Hollywood does it all the time.

In 2005 Rachel McAdams was in the movie "Red Eye".  She is a woman who is kidnapped in a convoluted plot to kill someone or assassinate someone at the hotel she manages.  Through the movie she is smart and goes toe to toe with her captor.  They finally get to the climax.  They are at her house and have incapacitated her father.  Finally it is time and she is face to face with him and has a gun in her hand.

Then Daddy comes to the rescue and kills the bad guy.


Girls are always getting rescued!

On beaches.

In the Fire Swamp.

By Prince Charming.

It makes me crazy!  It can be done Hollywood.  Show a strong woman!

One example of doing it right is "Terminator".  Sarah Connor needs help.  She is being chased by a deadly robot so that a future rebel leader will never be kindled in her belly. 

She gets dragged along through out the whole movie. 

But it ends with her savior meeting an untimely end and she saves herself. 

Why is it so hard to have women in movies who don't need rescued?

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