Sunday, January 22, 2012

"The Outsiders" 1983

"The Outsiders"

The first and last line of this book are burned in my brain.  I remember reading this book over and over in junior high.

"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight, from the darkness of the movie house..."

It was a great story but I think I was most enthralled with the fact that it was written by a teenage girl.  I have always wanted to be a writer and this made it seem possible.

When I heard a movie was coming, I couldn't wait for it to open.  I spent hours on the phone with my best friend planning on attending opening weekend.  We worked out that if her mom would drive us there, my dad would pick us up.  This was often the only way to get us to a movie. 

We got to the theater.  It was a single screen theater at the mall.  We walked in so excited and bought our tickets.

The previews started and then the movie finally came on the screen.  It was dark and we saw people walking around.

Imagine our surprise, when instead of a bunch of sensitive bad boys, we see this face.

There were two separate theaters in the mall.  Her mom had dropped us at the wrong one.  We were in the theater showing "Max Dugan Returns". 

We ran out of the theater and finally convinced the ticket taker to give us back our money.  We ran across the mall and across a parking lot to the other theater. 

The movie had already started but we were able to get seats. 

This was more like it. 

It was excellent. 

This was the first time I remember seeing Diane Lane. 

She made me want red hair and a sweater set.  She was spunky yet vulnerable. 

I am amazed how many of these actors went on to careers that are still going today. 

"Ponyboy" C. Thomas Howell is still working.  I would describe most of his work as "B" movies, direct to DVD fare. 

"Darrel"  Patrick Swayze died in 2009 but worked almost to the end.   He will always be Johnny Castle to me.

"Sodapop" Rob Lowe is all over television.  And he is really funny.

"Two-Bit"  Emilio Estevez has done a lot more behind the scenes having directed a movie with his dad starring in it.

"Dallas"  Matt Dillon has gotten better with age.  He was nominated for "Crash" a few years back.  Would love to see him do more comedy.  I also think his character is the reason that girls named their kids Dallas.  You don't see any kids named Ponyboy or Sodapop running around, do you?

"Cherrry"  Diane Lane is acclaimed and is working very steadily.  And still makes me wish I had red hair and a sweater set.

"Bob"  Leif Garrett.  Um, I guess if you're the bad guy things don't turn out as well.

"Steve"  Tom Cruise.  You've probably heard of him. 

When my son had to read this book in high school I got very excited.  I told him I could quote the first line of the book. 

He wasn't impressed. 

It was a great adaptation and set the standard for those that followed.  It also brings me back to that spring day in 1983 running across a mall parking lot with my best friend. 

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