Monday, January 16, 2012

"Love Affair/An Affair To Remember" 1939, 1957 & 1994

A classic story.  A playboy who decides to settle down.  A girl who is supported by a rich gentleman.  They meet on a cruise ship and suddenly fall madly in love with each other.  Neither one has any experience taking care of themselves so to prove their love they decide to meet in six months and then live happily ever after. 

"Love Affair". 1939 starred Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne. 

"An Affair To Remember"  1957 starred Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.

"Love Affair" 1994 starred Warren Beatty and Annette Bening. 

I love the meet cute along with them trying to pretend they don't know each other.  This happens so that reporters don't figure out the infamous playboy is playing around. 

They even try to avoid each other in the dining room.  They cut that out in the 1994 version.  I seem to recall that they do a lot of group dinners.  Getting them on the cruise ship was a stretch.  They had the plane they were on emergency land on an island.  It was such a small island they could only cruise off of it. 

They all stop by to see an old relative. 

I find it humorous that the first two it was a grandmother, Warren Beatty it was his aunt.  I think that the filmmaker was afraid we'd do the math.  That would be a pretty old grandma.

I love the scene where they talk around what they both want without coming out and saying it.

They all get the shawl that reveals why they didn't show up at the Empire State Building. 

My favorite is of course the Cary Grant version.  It is no secret I love Cary Grant.  This is one of his best roles.  I love the scene where he sees the painting and all his feelings cross his face in those few seconds.

I, like so many others, discovered this movie when it was featured in "Sleepless in Seattle". 

Annie Reed: Now that was when people KNEW how to be in love. They knew it! Time, distance... nothing could separate them because they knew. It was right. It was real. It was...
Becky: A movie! That's your problem! You don't want to be in love. You want to be in love in a movie.

Rita Wilson steals her scene talking about the movie.  I love her!

It is a good old cry your eyes out romance.  I need a good one. 

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