Friday, January 27, 2012

I Like That Actor: Julia Roberts - Part 1

I like Julia Roberts.  She is vulnerable and fearless.  She has a laugh that feels real.  So here are her movies.


When a movie is a vehicle for Mallory of "Family Ties" fame, you are starting off badly.  Julia plays a member of an all girl band.  She has big hair and tight jeans.

Miami Vice and other Television stuff.

I only mention her guest star role so I could post her picture with Don Johnson.   She is looking very "Pretty Woman" pre-makeover.

Mystic Pizza

I have written about this one.  More big hair and tight jeans.  Better story.

Blood Red

She was in a movie with her brother, who at that time was more famous.   Have never seen this movie. 

Steel Magnolias

I love this movie.  It is my go-to crying movie.  I have written about this one too.

Pretty Woman

It is this movie that made her America's Sweetheart.  That laugh.  I will get to this one soon.


The big hair makes her pretty.  The glasses make her smart.  Kevin Bacon and Kiefer Sutherland and her name above the title. 

Sleeping With The Enemy

Creepy husband, cute boyfriend and blind mother.  I am always amazed at the great houses these women in movies find.  All it takes is a coat of paint and a good cleaning and it is a dream house.  But she is good in the movie.

Dying Young

Young woman falls in love with dying man.  Did you know this movie was directed by her movie mom, Sally Fields?


A little corny.  Yes, I am immature.  But it was a cute movie.

Pelican Brief

She married Lyle Lovett while making this movie.  It is a great, suspenseful movie. 

More tomorrow! 

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