Saturday, January 7, 2012

More Movies Turned Into TV Shows

"Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

This was a great movie.  It had a good cast and was a lot of fun. 

The series "Ferris Bueller" came out a few years later and did the unusual thing of acknowledging the movie.  The set up was that the movie was based on the "real" Ferris' adventures.  Jennifer Aniston did this pre-Rachel role.  It only laster a couple of short seasons.  It was out paced by the knock off "Parker Lewis Can't Lose".

"Uncle Buck"

Classic John Candy comedy.  He plays Buck, a never do well who steps in to help during a family emergency. 

The poor parents get knocked off in a car accident so Buck can move in and fumble around for eighteen episodes.  Not good.  Poor kids.

"Private Benjiman"

I love this movie.  It is really all about Goldie Hawn.  It is hard to balance irritating with adorable, but she does it well.  Her daughter tries, but doesn't succeed.

Even though a lot of the cast revised their roles and it survived for three seasons it wasn't that great.  The premise of her struggling to find her place in the world works in a film.  In a series, you can't have three years of bumbling.  Unless you are supporting. 


Another movie that depends on us loving the leading character.  In this movie Alicia Silverstone straddles the same irritating/adorable line and is great. 

Just because you look like the star of the movie doesn't make you a comic success.  But it lasted three seasons, not long enough for syndication I'm glad to say.  Although it is probably playing somewhere.


It is wrong to turn a raunchy, smart and hilarious movie into a cartoon.  Sorry Kevin Smith.  I still love you.

"Dumb and Dumber"

No one in Hollywood learned from that lesson. 

Tomorrow, movies made from television shows.

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