Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things I Need For A Sick Day

So I came home sick today.  Just a sinus thing.  I went to the doctor yesterday so I could cut it off at the pass. 

The conversation:

Doctor:  So what seems to be the problem?
Me:  Congestion, sinus pressure. 
Doctor:  Any cough?  Congestion?
Me:  No, just the sinuses.
Doctor: So, it's all in your head.

Everyones a comedian.   But he gave me antibiotics. 

So I tried to go to work and made it almost two whole hours before conceding and going home.  On the way I stopped and got my sick day requirements.

Traditional chicken noodle soup.  It can't be any other brand or the low salt version.  It must be this. 

Chicken in a Biskit.  They are salty and just right when you don't feel like eating real food yet.

Juice.  Cran-grape is my go to drink.  Today I wanted pineapple.  It was good.

Puffs with Lotion.  Must be with lotion.  My nose appreciates it so much.

Honey lemon, sugar free with vapor action. 

Once I am home I need my comfy clothes, my recliner and my big afghan.  Then I can watch television between naps.

Thank goodness for Netflix.

I can watch my favorite old sitcoms and dramas.

I have satelite, but this is what's on during the day.

You shouldn't nap after watching this show.  One cramp and I am convinced that my son is getting a surprise brother or sister.


Game shows.  I like Drew but still miss Bob.

Informercials.  This is just wrong.  Just wrong.

Ok, this one I am recording and have to wait for my husband.  Not that he watches it.  No.  It is just on while he is home.  And he knows all the characters.  But he thinks it is really stupid.  Really. 

OK.  I have time for another nap before dinner.  Peace out.

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