Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Like That Actor: Julia Roberts - Part 2

Moving on to part two.  Julia started a transition after "Pelican Brief".  She started trying different things.

I Love Trouble

I saw this movie once, right after it came on cable.  The only thing I remember is that she and Nick Nolte had absolutely no chemistry. 


Didn't see this one.  I am realizing how many films of hers I have missed.  Goodness, some fan I am.

Something To Talk About

Great cast.  Gena Rowland and Robert Duvall (I met him once.)  But I discoverd Kyra Sedgwick in this movie.  She looks like she could be Julia's sister and she is sassy.

[Emma Rae knees Eddie in the groin]
Emma Rae: Grace, the lying cheating sack of $hit is here.
Eddie Bichon: [on the floor] Can't... breathe...
Grace: Oh, my God. Emma Rae, what did you do?
Emma Rae: Well, you said to keep him busy. He's busy holding his nuts.
Grace: Oh, my God. Eddie, are you all right?
Eddie Bichon: No!
Grace: Help me get him up.
Eddie Bichon: No! You stay the hell over there!
Emma Rae: Don't worry. I wouldn't walk that far to help you up.
Grace: My God, Emma Rae. What is the matter with you?
Emma Rae: Consider it a blow for your dignity.
Grace: What is dignified about kicking somebody in the balls?
Emma Rae: Well, I feel better.


"The One After The Super Bowl" was a classic episode.  Julia was Susie, an old classmate of Chand'er's from grade school.  She seduced Chandler into wearing her underpants and going into a bathroom stall with a sexy promise.  But Susie is "Susie Underpants", victim of an adolescent prank.  It is a really funny episode.

Mary Reilly

Dr. Jekyll's maid.  I think it was the bangs that killed it for me.   That and the preparation of a live eel for dinner.

Michael Collins

Another period film.  Another Liam Neeson pairing.  I just don't think Julia has a look that works for period pieces.

Everyone Says I Love You

Julia sings.  Only in a Woody Allen movie does Woody Allen get Julia Roberts.  This movie has its fun moments but no one in it could sing.

My Best Friend's Wedding

I wrote about this one.   It is a musical too.  A sneaky musical. 

Tomorrow another shift in the career path.  See you then!

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