Friday, January 6, 2012

Making Television From Films part one

There is a new show coming out this month based on the book/film "The Firm".  It picks up ten years later to Mitch and Abby McDeere what has happened to them since we last saw them driving off into the sunset with their dog.

They didn't age a lot. 

Mitch has been in the witness protection program with his wife and they picked up a daughter along the way.  Apparently the boat his brother was on docked and Gary Busey's secretary showed up too.

The ads set up the running, the bad firm he is joining and more danger.  But can it capture the film?  Can it make us look at these actors as those characters?

In the past, there have been successes and failures in these ventures.


This one is a success.

Movie Hawkeye, Hot Lips and Trapper John.

And the television versions. 

The show lasted longer than the Korean War.

"Working Girl"

You can buy Melanie Griffith getting to the top in a creative way.

Sandra Bullock?  I bet she's polishing her Oscar and thanking her lucky stars that one didn't get picked up. 

"9 to 5"

Classic office comedy.  If it were made today, I hope they get some of the ladies that have graduated from Saturday Night Live.

I just searched this and am shocked to see that it lasted five years!  The eighties were truly a black hole culturally.  Did nothing worthwhile come out the eighties?

John Cusack.  Of course.  Don't be mad John Cusack.  I heart you!

More television remakes tomorrow.  I am finding so many. 

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