Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Parents In Movies"

Are parents in newer movies younger?  Or are we more vain?  My first example.

This is a delightful little romantic comedy.  In the movie, Katharine Hepburn has a little sister.   Now, Katherine's character is a "shocking!" divorce' who is preparing to get married.  Her little sister is adorable and sweet.

She looks to be about ten, maybe twelve at the most.

These are the parents of both of them.  Really? 

Compare the remake?  "Father of the Bride" 1950.

"Father of the Bride"  1991.

"Cheaper by the Dozen" dad holding his 12th child.

Couldn't find a picture of Steve Martin holding his grandson in his "Cheaper by the Dozen" but here he is as a grandpa in "Father of the Bride 2".

Traditionally people had kids at a younger age than they do now.  But if you watch old movies, the parents looked a lot older than they do now.  Today they show accomplished people who must have had children at 18 years old. 

But watch a movie with pregnant people today.  They are older too.

This is not the norm.

Or this.  (Neither are vampire babies, but that's another post)

This is more like it.

Or this. 

Not this.


Don't get me started on movie births. 

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