Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oscar Nominees!

I am embarrassed to say I forgot that the Oscar nominees were announced today.  I was sitting at dinner and asked my family what movie I should write about tonight. 

"How about the Oscars?"  My husband asked.

"Well, when they announce the nominees I will."

"Uh, they did, this morning." 

I should turn in my movie card.  That is terrible.  I also have only seen one of the best picture nominees.  This is also terrible.   I am having surgery on February 6th.  I am working almost non-stop until then so there is no way I will see any more of them.

Most of these came out around the holidays.  I have intended to go the last two weeks to the movies but then my husband made delicious large breakfasts on both Sundays which sent me into a afternoon long nap. 

But I also blame Hollywood.  There are several that I don't really care about.  I will watch "Moneyball" since it is already on DVD.  I saw "The Help" which was amazing.  But other than that, none of the other nominees made me want to run to theater.  A big breakfast and a nap sounded better.

So here are my thoughts on the Best Picture Nominees.

The Artist


Meh?  A silent movie.  May be fantastic, just don't really care.

The Descendants

This is actually the movie I almost went to.  I like Alexander Payne, especially "Election" and George Clooney is a favorite.  Maybe on my day off, but "One For The Money" starts this weekend too.  I don't know.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Can't watch Tom Hanks die.  I am too emotional right now. 

The Help

Saw it.  Loved it.  Want this cast to make a movie together every year.


Sorry Marty.  Just no interest.

Midnight in Paris

Sorry Woody.  No desire here either.


Don't worry Brad, I can watch this during my recovery.  Does anyone have a DVD I can borrow?

The Tree of Life

Terence Malick, I watched the "Thin Red Line".  I have a theory that if a critic can't understand a movie they declare it brilliant.  Not going to do it. 

War Horse

Sorry Steven, I can't invest in a war movie or a horse movie.  It may be brilliant, but I'm not in the mood.

In the past I have watched movies merely for their nominee status.  There are are some I have been pleasantly surprised by.  There are others I have suffered through.  It does make the Oscars more interesting to watch.  I hope to get a couple of movies in, but we'll see.  Still no driving need. 

But I will be watching Oscar night, with snacks.  After all Billy Crystal is hosting. 

 * Yes, I managed to slip in two Brad Pitt photos.  You are welcome.

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