Thursday, February 14, 2013

Post 300

This is post number 300!

My blog has been around for a year and a half or so.   I started out saying I would blog daily.  Which I did for over six months.  Then I had surgery.  In fact, Post 200, was about recovering from that surgery. Post 100 was in the middle of my Halloween postings.

This time last year I was on medical leave and ingesting pain killers.  It was awesome!  Now I am working on a second blog with my husband about food.  We are up to two posts and have a way to go to get to 300 posts. 

I have gone back and read a few of my blogs from the past.  I catch all my mistakes and mispellings.  I cringe at some misuse of words.  But it has been a great learning process.  I have been read by someone on every continent.  While it hasn't gone viral, I do enjoy knowing that my words are out in the world. 

I do wonder about my most popular posts though.

1. "Along Came Polly" 2004 is by far the most popular.  No idea why.

2. "Fried Green Tomatoes" 1991 this has about half the hits as Polly, but still huge. 

3. "Charlie Brown Christmas" 1965 got a little advertisement on the radio. 


4. "The Waterboy" 1998 I am thinking that the Adam Sandler factor is here.  I love Kathy Bates in anything. 

5. "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" 1982 This is mostly about Nic Cage, but it could be because I talked about Phoebe Cates' boobs.

Quite a variety there.  I still enjoy writing them,  Even  if the only readers are my family and friends, I will continue on.  We'll see where we are at Post 400.

Thanks for reading! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Identity Thief - 2013

Identity Thief.
My husband and I had one of our afternoon dates.  I love the afternoon date.  We get the matinee price for the movie and hit lunch after the rush, so it isn't busy.  We had coupons for the concessions and an Outback gift card burning a hole in our pockets. 
Since seeing the preview, we knew that we wanted to see Identity Thief.  I loved Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids and she is great on Mike and Molly.
Jason Bateman is solid as the slightly uptight guy he plays in almost every movie.
He plays Sandy Patterson who has his identity stolen.  It is his own fault.  Diana, played by McCarthy is a pro.  She has her own credit card making machine and everything.   You do have to suspend a little belief to get them together. 
Sandy is arrested under the pretense that he missed his court date for assault.  This is when he discovers that he is deep in debt and it is threatening his career and family.  In order to save his job and his credit rating he must track down the thief and bring her to justice.
I am thinking that he would just call his credit card companies and get it fixed that way.  But what kind of movie would that make.
Amanda Peet makes an appearance as Bateman's understanding wife.  Not a lot of her usual spunk in this role.  Could really have been played by anyone.
Eric Stonestreet pops up as Big Chuck and makes the most of his few minutes of screen time.  Definitely not Cam in this movie.
Overall there were a lot of fun moments.  It is really an hour and a half of Melissa McCarthy being pretty funny.  It was a pleasant way to spend a date.  It had a few laugh out loud moments.
For dinner we went to Outback.  Thanks to our son for giving us the gift card for Christmas!
I had the Outback special with Lobster Mac and Cheese.  (My reward for eating really well lately)
I also had a salad.
My husband had a Outback special with seafood.  He also had veggies instead of a potato.  He was a good boy too.  It was all delicious.
We had a fun afternoon. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Personal Paranoia

Here we are through January and I am still working on Sharpening My Saw.

For the mental and emotional, I would like to talk about some of my weird, paranoid fears.  It doesn't help that I know that it is weird.  It still scares me.

When my husband and I were dating he asked me what my biggest fear was.  I told him that I didn't want to tell him.  He pushed a little and I was kind of in love with him already so I told him.

I was afraid of having ugly children. 

I was mostly scared that I wouldn't know that they were ugly.  I have seen a few ugly babies.  We use those keywords like, "oh how sweet!" or "what a happy baby!".  So I was also worried no one would tell me that they were ugly.

Some months later I had my son.

He was pretty cute and others told me so.

Since then I have other strange fears.

  • I can't eat at work potlucks.  Especially if someone else has already started eating.  Family ones where I have seen everyone's kitchens I am OK.
  • I am afraid to step on manhole covers.  I worry that it will rust through and I will fall into the sewer. 
  • Everytime I cross a bridge I worry about crashing into it and falling into the river and drowning because I can't swim.
  • I am super nice to all wait staff and never send food back.  I am afraid someone will spit on it.
  • If someone is late, I immediately jump to worst case scenario.  They aren't late, they've been kidnapped and just can't remember my number for the ransom call.
  • Mice.
  • Rats.
  • Those giant rat like things in South America.
  • I no longer really want to visit New York City because I heard they have more rats than people and there are like 8 million people there.
  • Eww.  I just googled images for Subway Rats in NYC and I saw things that will give me nightmares.

So what does this have to do with Sharpening My Saw?  I think of the movie "Defending Your Life".  Albert Brooks dies and has to review his life.  The whole movie is about overcoming fears.  So I will try to overcome some of them.    I was telling my husband about a couple of these while we were running errands today.  He told me that if we are in the car together when it goes over the bridge he will save me. 

He said he would use a life guard technique he learned for people who are freaking out.  You grab their hair and drag them along so they can't hit you and drag you under.

Great.  Now I am afraid to cut my hair.