Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"The Waterboy" 1998

The Waterboy [Blu-ray]
“The Waterboy”

Bobby Boucher: Now that's what I call high quality H2O.
At work today I was passing my boss’ desk. Laying on it was a green spiral notebook. It immediately brought this movie to mind. Anyone who has seen “The Waterboy” knows the significance of that notebook.

This is one of those movies that my husband loves and has watched multiple times. We went to see it opening weekend with another couple. As is the case with Adam Sandler films, much like Will Ferrell, I went in with very low expectations. Imagine my surprise to see one of my favorite actresses, Kathy Bates, was playing Bobby Boucher’s beloved Mama.
It is on cable all the time. And sadly it is quoted quite often around our house.

Mama Boucher: Bobby, deh ever catch dat gorilla that busted outa da zoo and punched you in da eye?
Bobby Boucher: No Mama, the search continues.
This is a safety movie for my husband. So we have seen it a few hundred times.

Mama Boucher: You gonna lose all your fancy "fools' balls" games! And your gonna fail your big exam! Because school is?
Bobby Boucher: The devil?
[Mama gasps]
Bobby Boucher: Everything is the devil to you, Mama! Well, I like school, and I like football! And I'm gonna keep doin' them both because they make me feel good!
Bobby Boucher: [Bobby runs out, slamming the door, then comes back in] And by the way, Mama. "Alligators" are ornery 'cause of their "Medula Oblongata"!
Bobby Boucher: [Bobby runs back out, then back in again] And I like Vicki, and she like me back! And she showed me her boobies and I like them too!
[slams door on Mama]

Ultimately it is a coming of age movie. Of course Bobby is old to be coming of age. His mother takes the job of protecting him to the extreme. She just is afraid of being alone. But she has Steve, the indoor donkey to talk to. And it is from this movie we got the name Steve for our dog. His official name is Sir Stephen King of Derry. That was a compromise for the name. But this movie inspired it. Since I won’t let my husband have a donkey in the living room, we can name our dog after one.
Townie: You can do it... you can do it all night loong!

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