Sunday, December 2, 2012

Under The Dome Casting!

CBS is going to make a summer series out of Stephen King's "Under The Dome".  It is a good book with a lot happening.  Luckily it is available in e-book to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. 

It has a huge cast, but I will focus on the main ones and a few minor ones.

Dale "Barbie" Barbara

Former military, current drifter who is leaving town with a bad taste in his mouth.  He is trapped under the dome and witnesses some bad stuff that sets off the action.  I like Thomas Jane.  I have chosen him for other roles and think he is underutilized.  He is smart, sexy and you can buy him as a former military guy.

Julia Shumway

I think Maura Tierney would be perfect for Julia.  She is scrappy and smart.  I can see her as the owner and writer of a small town paper. 

James "Big Jim" Rennie

From the first appearance of Big Jim the only actor I could imagine was John Goodman.  He is bigger than life.  He can be charming and evil at the same time.  There is a scene in a bunker I can totally see John Goodman killing!

Junior Rennie

Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame.  This character is a thug and a sociopath and the son of a powerful man that has kept him down all his life.   I think this kid can pull it off.

Eric "Rusty" Everett

Rusty has to be a ginger, or his nickname doesn't make sense.  He is almost a doctor, a devoted father and husband.  Kevin McKidd has the doctor thing covered.  He can play smart and I can see him as a hero type.

Linda Everett

Yvonne Strahovski can hold a gun.  As a small town deputy, she needs to be strong, yet vulnerable.  She is a mother of two young girls.  After this season on Dexter, (I never watched Chuck) I can see her going all mama bear on the bad guys.

Andy Sanders

Michael Hitchcock is Andy Sanders.  He is a selectman who is pretty much a puppet until he is tipped over the edge by the incidents that set off the dome.  He goes a little bonkers.  I can see him falling apart under Big Jim. 

Phil "The Chef" Bushey

He's a little old for Chef, but can't you see John Benjamin Hickey mixing up a big batch of crystal meth?



Of course the amazing corgi hero Horace should be played by my amazing corgi Stevie.  He will work for treats. 

There are a lot of other characters.  Too many to name.  Who do you think should play the other characters? 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Falling Off The Face Of The Earth

Is anyone there?

I kind of fell off the face of the earth. 

Those are my workout pants hiding under my polar bear lounge pants.  Yes, I have been lounging more than working out.  It has been over a month since I hit the trail. 

Here is my official list of excuses.

  1. I have been working a little later. 
  2. I'm tired.
  3. Daylight savings, it is getting dark earlier.
  4. I was sick.
  5. It is getting cold.
  6. My chair is warm.
  7. I am getting seasonal depression.
  8. I have to get up at 4AM.
  9. The new television shows are really good. 
  10. I had to go see the new Twilight movie.
  11. Fall makes me crave comfort foods.
  12. I can't get in a holiday mood.
  13. Trisha Yearwood is making Christmas cookies on the Food Network.
  14. My street team fell off the wagon too.
  15. I turned 43. 
  16. I need a haircut.
  17. It is the busy season at work.
  18. I need new shoes.
  19. I can't find clean socks.
  20. My DVR is almost full and I have to clear it out.
  21. My sports bra squishes my boobs down enough that my stomach sticks out and makes me look fatter.
  22. My dog is lonely when I am gone.
  23. My husband turned fifty-one.  
  24. I am just lazy.

None of these reasons are good ones.  But when I am sitting in my nice warm chair with an episode of Glee or Dexter (I have eclectic taste!) it is hard to get up.  I know what I need to do.  I need to do it. 

I need inspiration!
I need motivation!
I need a kick in the butt.