Sunday, December 2, 2012

Under The Dome Casting!

CBS is going to make a summer series out of Stephen King's "Under The Dome".  It is a good book with a lot happening.  Luckily it is available in e-book to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. 

It has a huge cast, but I will focus on the main ones and a few minor ones.

Dale "Barbie" Barbara

Former military, current drifter who is leaving town with a bad taste in his mouth.  He is trapped under the dome and witnesses some bad stuff that sets off the action.  I like Thomas Jane.  I have chosen him for other roles and think he is underutilized.  He is smart, sexy and you can buy him as a former military guy.

Julia Shumway

I think Maura Tierney would be perfect for Julia.  She is scrappy and smart.  I can see her as the owner and writer of a small town paper. 

James "Big Jim" Rennie

From the first appearance of Big Jim the only actor I could imagine was John Goodman.  He is bigger than life.  He can be charming and evil at the same time.  There is a scene in a bunker I can totally see John Goodman killing!

Junior Rennie

Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame.  This character is a thug and a sociopath and the son of a powerful man that has kept him down all his life.   I think this kid can pull it off.

Eric "Rusty" Everett

Rusty has to be a ginger, or his nickname doesn't make sense.  He is almost a doctor, a devoted father and husband.  Kevin McKidd has the doctor thing covered.  He can play smart and I can see him as a hero type.

Linda Everett

Yvonne Strahovski can hold a gun.  As a small town deputy, she needs to be strong, yet vulnerable.  She is a mother of two young girls.  After this season on Dexter, (I never watched Chuck) I can see her going all mama bear on the bad guys.

Andy Sanders

Michael Hitchcock is Andy Sanders.  He is a selectman who is pretty much a puppet until he is tipped over the edge by the incidents that set off the dome.  He goes a little bonkers.  I can see him falling apart under Big Jim. 

Phil "The Chef" Bushey

He's a little old for Chef, but can't you see John Benjamin Hickey mixing up a big batch of crystal meth?



Of course the amazing corgi hero Horace should be played by my amazing corgi Stevie.  He will work for treats. 

There are a lot of other characters.  Too many to name.  Who do you think should play the other characters? 

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  1. Great ideas, Jo. Love your choices. Big Rennie's pic in the book looked so much like our company prez. while reading the book I'd freak out every time I saw him LOL -- Michelle R.