Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Charlie Brown Christmas" 1965

"A Charlie Brown Christmas"

Poor Charlie Brown.  He is depressed.

They are making a statement about the materialism of Christmas.  Charlie Brown wants to be happy and enjoy the season but he just can't get happy.

He is probably depressed because his dog is way cooler than he is .  I mean he can ice skate without skates, make all kinds of animal sounds and play an instrument.

When Lucy suggests he get involved and invites him to direct the Christmas program he gets really frustrated.  Then he goes out with Linus to find a tree.  Of course no one likes his choice of trees.

Of course Charlie Brown gets a lesson from Linus on the true meaning of Christmas with the Nativity story and a little creative decorating, then a Christmas carol.

Why do so many Christmas movies involve someone being judged and ridiculed?  Obviously these  children have severe mental issues.

Lucy is narcissistic and has delusions of grandeur.  Linus is carrying a security blanket and sucking his thumb.  Sally is extremely odd.  And poor Charlie Brown is severely depressed. 

Where are these poor children's parents?


  1. Reading the Scriptures, not to mention looking for a natural Christmas tree, not to mention a Christmas (!) play, would all indicate that Charlie Brown is a real blockhead in this day and age! If they were doing this show today, Lucy would probably be with the ACLU demanding that Christmas be kept out of the schools and filing a lawsuit.

  2. And Charlie Brown wouldn't be depressed because he'd be on medication.