Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Dinner For Schmucks" 2010

"Dinner For Schmucks"

Yesterday my husband chose this movie as his morning in front of the television.  I assume that he napped through some of it.  We went to see this movie in the theater.  It got pretty mixed reviews but I thought it was humorous.  It was originally a French film and I understand that in that version, they never even go to the dinner.  They just sit around and talk.  The French make some weird movies.

It is a little different.  But the headboard is quite similar.

In the French version the idiot makes things out of matchsticks and the "Tim" character has a wife and a mistress.  That is cool in France I guess.   In the American version it is taxidermy mice and Tim has a stalker and a girlfriend.

There are a lot of fun scenes.  Paul Ruud plays the straight man being pulled into chaos by Steve Carell. 

I had a dream last night with Steve Carell in it.  My old HR manager was hosting a Regis/Kelly type talk show.  My niece was her co-host and was for some unknown reason dressed up like a Rio dancer.  When Steve Carell came out to talk to them, he insisted on dancing with her.  She had the moves. 

It was very surreal. 

Not my niece here by the way.

Zach Galifianakis plays an IRS agent.  He looks up tax records.  This is totally illegal.  I know someone who works for the IRS.  They have very specific rules about taxpayer information.  They can't look at anyone they know, might know or anyone who lives near them.  There were agents that got fired a few years ago for looking at the tax returns of famous people.  This dude would not be able to do this.  He would be so fired. 

It is a cute movie.  Not exactly laugh out loud funny, but enjoyable.  Did you notice the picture of the "Amazing Kreskin" on Zach's desk?

But that IRS thing bugs the crap out of me. 

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