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"The Bishop's Wife" 1947

"The Bishop's Wife"

This movie on Turner Classic Movies tonight.

Loretta Young is Julia, the Bishop's wife.  She is sad because her husband is so busy campaigning to get a cathedral built.  David Niven is the Bishop and is so distracted by growing his church that he doesn't pay attention to his wife. 

And one of my favorites, Cary Grant is Dudley who is interested in Henry and Julia.  He is also an angel. 

There are so many little things that I love about watching older movies.  At the very beginning, Julia is looking at trees and meets an old friend who doesn't want to pay $1.85 for a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  I don't think you can buy a dead Christmas tree for a $1.85 today.

Cary Grant is so smooth, he is easy to believe as an angel.  A little bit of trivia.  Cary Grant and David Niven switched parts. 

Hard to imagine Cary Grant as the Bishop. 

Dudley answers a prayer from both Henry and Julia.  Henry wants to get help funding the new cathedral.   Julia wants to spend time with her husband.  She reminisces about their days in the little church in a small neighborhood.

Henry invites Julia out for a lunch date, forgetting that he has plans.  When he chooses church business over family, Dudley steps in and gives Julia the day. 

She is utterly charmed.  How could you not be charmed by Cary Grant?

Soon they are taking walks, going to lunch and ice skating.  He even charms Julia's little daughter.

In the movie I just noticed that during the snow fight scene, when Dudley asks who is in charge, it is the young George Bailey from "It's A Wonderful Life".  (Coming soon to a blog near you.)

Soon there is a question if Dudley is stepping out of his angel role when it appears he is falling in love with Julia.  Though Henry has been told that Dudley is an angel, he is suspicious.

It gets worse when Dudley starts paying special attention to Julia.  For the first time in years, Henry starts noticing his wife.  And Dudley makes him nervous.

I love old movies. This one has magic and charm.  There is a lot of funny moments.  Dudley keeps Henry at a possible contributor home by getting him stuck in a chair. 

My husband is sitting next to me as I watch this making fun of the old language, such as "witch hazel" and "trousers". 

I love the formality.  They are all wearing hats and gloves and so prim and proper.  Julia was wearing overshoes to keep her heels dry.

Even out skating.  I am pretty sure that Cary Grant and Loretta Young didn't do their own skating in this movie.

I didn't have boots when I was young.  We used to stick bread bags over out feet to keep them dry while walking in the snow.

They remade this movie some years back.

Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston.  It is amusing to me that Denzel spends so much time wearing a hat in this movie.  There is a line where Cary refuses to wear a hat because he never gets cold.

The original has a unique sweetness and is lovely. 

Of course, I would have chosen Cary Grant over David Niven.  But unfortunately he has to move on and help others.  But first he erases Julia's memory and gives her back to Henry who appreciates him.

Love you Cary Grant.  I won't forget you.


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