Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"The Santa Clause" 1994

"The Santa Clause"

This movie took all the questions that kids have about Santa and answered them in a creative and fun way.  But first we kill off Santa Claus.

(Don't Google Dead Santa.  It isn't pretty.)

Tim Allen is Scott Calvin.  He has his son for Christmas Eve and isn't quite sure how to handle it.  And his son Charlie can't wait to go back to mom.   After putting cookies out for Santa they are off to bed.

Then, outside there arose such a clatter, he rang from his bed to see what was the matter. 

Up on the rooftop is Old St. Nick is startled and falls off. 

Charlie: It's Santa! You killed him!
Scott: Did not! And he's not Santa!
Charlie: Well, he was...

The body disappears and the Scott puts on the coat, not knowing the attached "clause". 

Charlie gets him in gear and they are off to finish Santa's rounds and go to the North Pole. 

He is getting hot chocolate from elves that look like children.  His personal assistant is a cranky elf named Bernard who lays out this new responsibilities.

Scott soon discovers that he has until next Christmas Eve to put his life in order and get moved to the North Pole to start the job. 

He wakes up thinking it was all a bizarre dream, but too soon, he can't ignore the changes happening.

But despite his new cravings for cookies and milk, his weight gain and white hair start to freak him out.

Ultimately, it is a sweet movie about magic and belief. 

My favorite thing is explaining how Santa gets in a house that doesn't have fireplace.  Growing up we had a fireplace in our house, but it was blocked off.  This caused me a lot of distress.  I know my dad had said that since he was up when Santa got there, he'd let him in.  No worries.  But I am a born worrier. 

I always go to worst case scenario.  I knew that if Santa had a problem, he'd just move on.  This gave me piece.  I know that Santa can make it in.

But don't mess with the sequels to this movie.  They are kind of lame.  This one is cute.

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