Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Christmas TV Movies and Other Christmas Specials

Oh the horror! 

This time of year there are a lot of Christmas specials and "very special episodes on television.  The greatest purveyor of this dreck it Lifetime.  I will admit to watching some of these movies.  They are often sappy and contrived.  They rely heavily on coincidence and "Christmas Magic". 

They have a pretty standard theme, a beautiful single girl who is successful in everything but love.  She is usually played by some B actress who has been on a soap opera or a sitcom from fifteen years ago.  We kind of recognize her but not quite. 

They never quite explain why she is so lonely.  But then it happens, the perfect guy shows up.

He is also usually the same level of actor and so handsome and kind that you are left wondering why he is single too.

See the snow.  It is really Christmas.  Guys are always standing shirtless in the snow with their horses in real life.  Right?  Right? 

Next thing you know there is a Christmas wedding.

And everyone lives happily ever after.

Most shows also love having a holiday themed episode.  Some of the classics will take on the theme of a classic movie.  I love the ones that have fun with it.

There is "Married With Children" who put a hilarious spin on "It's A Wonderful Life".  Al Bundy doesn't get sweet Clarence the angel, he gets Sam Kinison.  The great part is that when he sees his family better off he decides that he wants to live.

The sappiest of Christmas themed episodes.  Carol Brady can't sing at church because she has laryngitis.  So little Cindy asks Santa for a Christmas miracle. 

On "Bewitched" little Tabitha wants to be sisters with her best friend.  Since they look different she casts a little spell and they are soon polka dotted.  It is a lesson about friendship and acceptance.  But a little goofy.

There is the fantastic "Friends" Christmas/Hanukkah episode, featuring Santa and the Holiday Armadillo.   When Ross' son is believing in Christmas, he decides to let him know about the Jewish celebration, but it backfires.

Ross: Sorry, Ben, but Santa has to go now.
Ben: Why? I want him to stay.
Chandler: Because... if Santa and the Holiday Armadillo stay in the same room for too long... the universe will... implode...

"The Office" has had some fantastic Christmas episodes show how uncomfortable office parties can be.  My favorite is Kevin sitting on Michael's lap.

It is hard to escape Christmas this time of year.  I do love the movies.  What I don't like, the crazy Target lady.   She can be gone forever!

Thank goodness for DVR. 

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