Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Christmas!

It was Christmas at my house!  (And other people's houses too, I suppose.)  I made my annual cream puff tree to bring to our family Christmas.  The Santa and his reindeer salt and pepper shaker stayed home. I have collected salt and pepper shakers in the past.  There is one problem with collecting something.  Once you tell people that you collect salt and pepper shakers they start to give them to you.  That is all they give you.  I have them lining every shelf in my dining room and on window sills throughout the living room.  I am ready for any occasion with the right S&P shaker.

My son, who did all his Christmas shopping in about an hour on Christmas Eve morning, read my blog.  So I got a Barnes and Noble gift card.  My Nook is very happy.  I have to review the upcoming books to see what I can find.

My husband got some Templeton Rye from our son.  He just walked into a convenience store and saw it, not knowing  what he was getting.  He was going in to buy lottery tickets and texted me. 

"Do you think Dad would like some Templeton Rye?"

"Sure.  If you can find it." 

"They have it here.  Should I buy it?"

This whiskey is actually quite sought after.  They only make a few small batches a year and sell it in limited quanities.  After I posted the picture on Facebook I heard stories of people making deals with store clerks and reserving months in advance.  My son just walked into a convenience store and there it was.  Any surprise we have him buy the lottery tickets?

Also, doesn't my husband look like a celebrity spokesman?  He is so photogenic.

What did I get?  I GOT A MAJOR AWARD!!!!!  My husband actually wrapped this present and had it ready to go weeks in advance.  This is not his usual M.O. 

He did a great job.  I have to find a five watt bulb somewhere to get the full effect.  Then this baby is going in my front window so everyone can see MY MAJOR AWARD.

So I hope you all had a great Christmas.  It has been fun writing about Christmas movies for the last month.  Now I can look forward to the Golden Globes and Oscars. 

Merry Christmas!

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