Monday, December 12, 2011

A Christmas Carol (So Many Versions!)

There have been a lot of versions of "A Christmas Carol". 

Black and white classics.

Cartoon Scrooge.

CGI Scrooge.

Skinny former Captains of Federation Starships.

Even General Patton.

A Saturday Night Live alumni.

And finally a beloved cartoon blind man.

It is a classic story.  A miserly old man who has no one that cares except a nephew who sucks up in hopes of an inheritance. 

His only employee is loyal for some unknown reason and I can't imagine it is the health plan. 

When he is visited by his old partner and shown the error of his ways, nothing really convinces him until he sees his own grave.

Ebenezer: [to the Spirit of Christmas Yet To Come] Before I draw nearer to that stone, tell me! Are these the shadows of things that must be, or are they the shadows of things that MIGHT be?

So basically he is scared straight because of the possibility of death.  How does that work for any long term change?   Hate to break it to you Scrooge, but it happens to us all.

While the story talks about him doing things for the Cratchets and eating dinner with his nephew, I wonder what will happen to old Scrooge after the holiday spirit wears off.

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