Sunday, February 10, 2013

Identity Thief - 2013

Identity Thief.
My husband and I had one of our afternoon dates.  I love the afternoon date.  We get the matinee price for the movie and hit lunch after the rush, so it isn't busy.  We had coupons for the concessions and an Outback gift card burning a hole in our pockets. 
Since seeing the preview, we knew that we wanted to see Identity Thief.  I loved Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids and she is great on Mike and Molly.
Jason Bateman is solid as the slightly uptight guy he plays in almost every movie.
He plays Sandy Patterson who has his identity stolen.  It is his own fault.  Diana, played by McCarthy is a pro.  She has her own credit card making machine and everything.   You do have to suspend a little belief to get them together. 
Sandy is arrested under the pretense that he missed his court date for assault.  This is when he discovers that he is deep in debt and it is threatening his career and family.  In order to save his job and his credit rating he must track down the thief and bring her to justice.
I am thinking that he would just call his credit card companies and get it fixed that way.  But what kind of movie would that make.
Amanda Peet makes an appearance as Bateman's understanding wife.  Not a lot of her usual spunk in this role.  Could really have been played by anyone.
Eric Stonestreet pops up as Big Chuck and makes the most of his few minutes of screen time.  Definitely not Cam in this movie.
Overall there were a lot of fun moments.  It is really an hour and a half of Melissa McCarthy being pretty funny.  It was a pleasant way to spend a date.  It had a few laugh out loud moments.
For dinner we went to Outback.  Thanks to our son for giving us the gift card for Christmas!
I had the Outback special with Lobster Mac and Cheese.  (My reward for eating really well lately)
I also had a salad.
My husband had a Outback special with seafood.  He also had veggies instead of a potato.  He was a good boy too.  It was all delicious.
We had a fun afternoon. 

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