Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What To Do?

I have a dilemma.  My husband got a $25 gift card for Amazon.com.  Since he loves me and hates to shop on the Internet, he has given it to me. 

I know I could save it and buy something practical like vitamins, but I want something frivolous. 

Yes.  I am a little selfish.  It's only $25.00.

A couple of months ago I used some expiring credit card points for Barnes and Nobles gift cards.  This was good, because it will feed my intense Nook reading addiction. 

With have Netflix and HuluPlus, I don't really NEED any DVDs.  Plus there aren't any classics that I don't have and they end up playing newer movies over and over on cable anymore. 

So there are other things on Amazon.com.  For goodness sake there are millions of things there and this silly gift card is itching in my inbox.

I could get a Rubber Chicken Tote Bag.

I could afford two "Hunger Games" official replica Mockingjay pins.

I can afford a 16 oz canister of Bacon Salt.  And we all know everything is better with bacon.

I could buy Bongo Drums.  ( I'd have to hurry and decide on this one as there are only 12 left!)

Or I could finally invest in that Cat Face t-shirt I've always wanted.

It is too much stress.  I don't know what to do.