Sunday, April 1, 2012

What I Did On My Medical Leave

I was on medical leave for eight weeks.  A lot of that time was spent in my recliner trying to keep my abdomen from moving unless absolutely necessary.  To this end, for the first three weeks I couldn't watch anything that was too funny.

My view the last eight weeks.

I also couldn't watch anything too terribly engrossing.  Between painkillers and general fatigue, I was sleeping more than the cat and I have a really old cat. 

So, what did I do with eight weeks of time. 

I got Netflix at the beginning of the year in anticipation.  I added all kinds of shows to my instant queue that I hadn't watched but had heard wonderful things about.  I quizzed everyone on the things I should watch.

I added "Mad Men", "Sons of Anarchy" and "Downton Abby".  I didn't watch any of these shows.  I put in "Arrested Development" and "Parks and Recreations".  Didn't watch those either.

So what did I do?

I watched the first two seasons of "Glee" in a week.  This show was fun and totally unrealistic.  Then I had to join Hulu Plus so I could watch the third season and am dying waiting for the return to see what happened to Quinn.  I became a Gleek.

I started watching "My Three Sons".   It was on at 7 am every morning.  I started setting my DVR so if I overslept I would see it.  Yes, I am a little ashamed.  But I had to see Steve and Barbara's wedding and how Dodie adjusted to living with all those rough boys.  Plus Robbie and Katie had the triplets and one time Jerry Mathers was their jerky neighbor.  He had a mustache! 

I watched a bunch of "Quantum Leap".  This show was so awesome, one of my favorite late 80's shows.   I'd never seen the one where Sam leaps into Elvis. 

I watched a lot of "How I Met Your Mother".  This show is one I started watching a couple of years ago. When I was working nights, it was always on television in the break room during my lunch.  So I started watching the old episodes to get some of the history.  This show is great.  It is really funny and I love Neil Patrick Harris.

I watched all the Twilight movies on DVD.  Look away, just look away. 

Yes.  I watched the first three seasons of "The Facts Of Life".  I don't even have the excuse that I was watching the George Clooney episodes. 

I watched "The Bold and the Beautiful".  This isn't new.  I became addicted and DVR it.  Don't judge me.  My husband watches it too. 

It was on right after B&B.    And my husband was usually napping.  And they had a Valentine's episode where fifty couples got engaged at once.  Plus my husband is hilarious when making fun of all the ladies. 

I turned it over when "Let's Make a Deal" started.  I'm not a complete loser.

I tried to watch "Kevin Smith: Too Fat For 40" but I was laughing so hard I thought I'd bust a stitch, so I had to turn it off.  I tried to tell my husband about it and couldn't stop laughing.  I will get to it.

I am the queen of good intentions.  When we first got satellite, I was extremely excited.  I talked about how I could watch documentaries on the History Channel and finally get up to date on news and current events on CNN.

What do I watch?  My favorite channel is the Food Network. 

I am a geek.  (And a Gleek).    I'm going to back to work.   It's probably best I didn't win the Mega Millions jackpot.  I would have started watching "The Young and the Restless" again.

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