Sunday, April 8, 2012

Random Thoughts 4/8/12

I had to work today.  I work in an office that is open nearly all the time.  So from 10 AM to 7 PM I was at work.   I hustled home for many reasons.

"Amazing Race" is on at seven, unless, like tonight some sporting event goes long and then it doesn't start until after "60 Minutes" airs in it's entirety.  This irritates the crap out of me!  How do they get that deal?  It must suck for the network to shuffle things around to catch up as well.  This also throws off the entire Sunday night DVR schedule.  Because we can only record two shows at a time, so if we want to see "Celebrity Apprentice" we have to cancel "Desperate Housewives". 

Just that is exhausting. 

I am also working at 6 AM tomorrow morning for the first time in months.  This means I need to get up at 4 AM in order to make it on time.  So, as I write this, I should be in bed.  Soon enough. 

It was also Easter Sunday. 

When I was a kid, Easter was a big holiday.  The weeks leading up to it were Lent, and being a Catholic school child, that involved a lot of church and no red meat on Fridays.  The smell of incense takes me back to this time in a flash.

My sister and I called the priest of our church to quiz him on the whole red meat thing.  Since chicken was called white meat, shouldn't we be able to eat that on Fridays during Lent?  That was a big no. 

When I was thirteen I went to a sleepover on a Friday night during Lent and they made little English muffin pizzas.  I was sure I was going to be struck down by lightening because I had eaten one with sausage on it.   This is the first time I have confessed this to anyone.  I am still a little scared.

But my favorite Easter memory was when I was about eight.  My parents worked nights and didn't leave work until seven in the morning.  Well that year my little sister and I woke up early.  We rushed downstairs ready to unleash our junkie selves into a big old chocolate bunny.

But to our devastation there was nothing there.  No colored eggs.  No green cellophane grass.  Nothing.

Just nothing. 

We sat on the couch holding each other.  The only thing we tasted was the salt of our bitter tears.  We couldn't figure out what we'd done to anger the big bunny. 

That is when my dad got home.  He walked in the door with his arms loaded down with five children's worth of Easter goodness.  He spotted us on the couch and let out a little gasp.

We stared at him in confusion.  What had happened?

"All this was on the back step."  He announced.  "I guess the Easter Bunny couldn't get in the house."

All was well again.  There was candy.  Later we put on new Easter clothes and made our way to church.  Easter services are among my favorite.  The spring flowers and the happiness of the resurrection.  It is a nice service.  

It is late, so I hope everyone had a nice Easter. 

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