Friday, April 27, 2012

The Eyes Of The Dragon - My Dream Cast.

The SyFy channel is reportedly making a movie or possibly a miniseries based on the Stephen King book, "The Eyes Of The Dragon".  It is a wonderful book and a great introduction to King's world.  It is really a fairy tale complete with kings, evil magicians and yes, a dragon.  I think it can be a really good miniseries.

I have read this story at least a dozen times and am currently listening to the audio book.  So, I am going to throw my dream cast out there.   Now this is not nor never will be the cast unless they are throwing out some big money.  Face it, a cable channel will never get this cast.  But I will try.

This is the story of two young princes.  During the major happenings of the book, Peter is 16 and ages to 21.  His brother Thomas goes from 11 to 16.  I think unknown but talented young men would work. 

Their father is King Roland.  While his sons are young, he was in his fifties before he married and had children. 

I know I am using Rip Torn's mug shot, but this is how I imagine King Roland.  He tries very hard to be a good king, but doesn't do well.  Thinking too hard gives him a headache and he enjoys great quantities of alcohol which doesn't help.  His mother was Queen for a long time so he was allowed to remain a bachelor for a long time.

For his wife, Sasha, I like Natalie Portman.

She just exudes goodness and sweetness that is essential to Sasha.  The Queen is much younger than her husband and the marriage was arranged to provide an heir to the throne.  She isn't the closest to the King's ear, but makes a gentle impact.   It is key this character is played just right. 

Our old friend Flagg, famous from King's other works, is a big part of this book.  In the miniseries "The Stand" he was played by Jamey Sheridan.

Jamey was little over the top.  I like Christopher  Meloni.

In the book he wears a hood for most of the story.  It is said that he looks to be a normal man in his fifties.  I think he can pull off the evil and the playful sides of Flagg.  He can also pull off the soothing voice he uses for persuasion. 

There is a chief warder who is a little sadistic but ultimately, well I don't want to give too much away, but he gets his butt kicked.  He also gets mistaken for a dwarf.

Has to be my favorite guy who's "kinda funny looking".  Steve Buscemi would rock this. 

There are a lot of other roles out there but the last one I consider critical would be Anders Peyna.  He is a judge that makes a big decision that set a lot of things into motion.  He has to be sharp and fair minded.

This works for me.  Donald Sutherland embodies what I need.  Plus his kid was great in another King adaptation. 

If you haven't read the book please run out and get it.  It is great.   I know my cast will probably not make the cut, although they aren't that pricey.  But I am hopeful for a good adaptation. 

I would love to hear from other fans of the books.  I am open to suggestions for all these roles.  Bring it on!

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