Thursday, April 19, 2012

Message Boards

IMDB, Internet Movie DataBase to the great unwashed, is probably my most used website.  I go there almost every day.  Some times it is for this blog.  Most of the time it is because the husband and I are watching some show and this question comes up.

"What have I seen that actor in?"

Then it is a race to jump on the site and find the answer.  It is a two stage process with my husband.  I have to find out who the actor is and then find the movie that he was in that my husband would know.

I love to cruise the site.  I get quotes and check box office results.  When I am stuck on what to write about I check on birthdays and see if that sparks the writing fire. 

One of the things that bugs me though are the message boards.  I enjoy checking out the boards but have found that there are only three types of people posting on the message boards. 

There are the SUPERFANS!

This is a group that believes the actor, show or movie they are posting about is THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED ON THE PLANET!!!!!!!

They get very upset if anyone says anything slightly negative.  They scoff if someone doesn't know as much as they do about the subject of their obsession. 

They love to write long paragraphs defending their favorites complete with quotes and links.

Next are the Trolls. 

They are the opposite of the SUPERFANS.  They go to the message boards to spread hate and to tick off the SUPERFANS.  They post how a movie is stupid or has Major Plotholes.  An example?

On a "Dirty Dancing" board, a troll started a thread on how unrealistic the movie was.  They stated that there were lots of dancers at the resort.  It didn't make sense that Johnny Castle would go to all the trouble to train Baby, a non-dancer to take Penny's place.

HELLO!  Then it wouldn't be a movie. 

Imagine that movie.

Baby:  Here is $200 for your ill advised abortion Penny.

Penny:  Thanks rich girl, but I have to work so I can't take it.

Johnny:  Wait, I know all the real dancers are working but Gertie from housekeeping has the day off.  She dances for watermelons here.  We'll get her.  Problem solved.

Baby:  OK.  I guess I'll go play shuffleboard.

The End. 

Yeah, that movie would have been awesome.

The final group are the Idiots.

I have been at the movies where these people show up.  I don't know how they navigated their way to the theater.  They have no clue! 

They ask terribly obvious questions which the Trolls and SUPERFANS pounce on like a dog goes after a ham. 

They start threads with questions like this.

"Hunger Games": Why did Katniss join the Hunger Games if she didn't want to die?

Did we watch the same movie?   It seemed to be pretty well explained how she got into her situation and there was no "joining" involved.

I love movies.  Just about any genre with a good storyline.  I rarely post because of these people.  I know this is something that happens on all message boards across the internet. 

I just wonder.  Is the anonymity of the internet that brings out the worst in people?  Who are the SUPERFANS in real life?  Do their co-workers know they have memorized every line of the "Twilight" movies and are counting the days till "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" comes out?

Do the Trolls include that guy at the office who loves pointing out my grammar mistakes in an email? 

Are the idiots....?  No.  I'll stop right there.  We know who they are.   (They are everywhere)

The bottom line for me is that there are a lot of movies out there.  If you like it, great.  If you don't, I won't judge you.  But why throw a fit on the internet about it?

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