Saturday, April 21, 2012


Yesterday I got home and my husband and I took our dog Stevie to the vet.  It was time for his annual check up with rabies and all his other shots. 

Stevie is the happiest dog in the world.  When we get the leash out he starts dancing around the living room.  He can't wait to GO FOR A RIDE!  Even though his only ride is to the vet.  Unlike normal dogs, Stevie loves everyone at the vet's office.  He jumps on every person and covers them with kisses of unadulterated joy. 

Now, along with being the happiest dog in the world, he is also the biggest wuss.  This is a dog who is scared of pop cans and plastic, grocery bags. 

When we go to the vet, the first thing they have us do is step on the big scale.  It is usually a big battle.  I have to drag him to the edge and then pull him onto it while the vet's assistant holds him long enough to get his weight.   This time Stevie hopped right on it. 

We got into the exam room and he jumped right up on the exam table.  This was also unprecedented. 

Then the exam started.  Stevie didn't like the taking of the temperature, which I don't blame him for!  Then there were problems with his blood draw.  Stevie is a Corgi and they have short little legs.  The assistant had a hard time finding a vein.  Then the doctor couldn't find it.  Finally they got a few drops out. 

Stevie immediately forgave them and gave them more kisses.  He endured the rest of the exam.  But at one point there was an odor.

"Oh, he must be nervous, he's passing a little gas."  The vet commented.

We nodded solemnly. 

He finished the exam and Stevie passed all his tests.  He got all this shots and was ready to go. 

We got into the car and I couldn't stay quiet anymore.

"Stevie covered for me."   I announced.

"What?"  My husband asked.

"It wasn't Stevie that farted."

My husband laughed the whole way home.  Thanks Stevie.

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