Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Five Year Engagement - 2012

I woke up early this morning and went into work for a couple of hours.  When I got home it was still early.  I decided it was a good time for a movie.  I told my husband I was thinking of going to see "The Five Year Engagement".  He was surprised I wasn't going to see the new John Cusack film, "Raven".  I love John Cusack, but felt like something funny.   My husband then decided to go with me.

We checked the movie times and discussed our coupon options to pick the theater.  One chain, Century, sends a weekly coupon.  This week's was a free small drink with any size popcorn.  The other, Carmike, has a points program.  You have to spend $80 to earn a free small popcorn.  Since I only have 12 points, we chose Century.  It was starting in an hour, so we were off.

It was in the small theater and was getting filled up.  We found our seats and relaxed.

Soon there were the stupid things people do when coming to a movie.  I have mentioned I like to arrive early.  It is very irritating when people show up during the previews.  It is downright obnoxious when they show up during the credits.  This wouldn't bug me quite so much if they were quiet and didn't make me move my stuff. 

We were two seats from the end of the row.  I had set my purse in the seat next to me and my husband's jacket was on top of it.  About five minutes into the movie a couple comes up to our row.  Instead of asking if the seat was free, they start setting their stuff in the first seat. 

Then the guy says, "You need to move that."


So I moved it.  But I retained custody of the arm rest.

The movie was good.  Jason Segal and Emily Blunt were adorable.  But they were showing people from California moving  to Michigan in the winter.  There are a few things that they get wrong.

Ice scraping.  I have never seen a movie where they get this right.  When it is cold enough to have ice on your windshield there are steps.  First you start your car and turn the defroster up to high.  This will melt the ice and help the process.  They never do that in a movie.  You always see them scraping a cold car.  

Jason Segal's character is a chef.  He's worked in New York and San Francisco.  When he gets to Michigan, where is fiance is pursuing her career, he has to settle for a sandwich shop job.  Ann Arbor is a big town.  It is also only about an hour from Detroit.  A trained chef with that kind of experience is not going to be making sandwiches.

Finally and yes, I know that this is the whole point of the movie, why would anyone be engaged for five years?   Just because they moved?  Because she got a new job? 

It is a very cute movie.  The cast is cute and there are quite a few funny bits.   It was a nice afternoon out with my favorite husband.

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