Thursday, April 5, 2012

Titanic - 1997

"Titanic" is in the news a lot recently as it is being re-released in 3D.  I will not be going to see it in the theaters.  I saw it an embarrassing 4 times in the theater the first time it came out.  Most embarrassing because I was 28 years old when it came out. 

This is the only movie I have seen that many times in the theater.  I have seen a few movies twice.  Most of the time it was because I saw the movie and then wanted to see it again with someone else.  This just happened recently with "21 Jump Street".  I had seen it with my son and then went with my husband. 

"Titanic" was a special case.  I went to see it when it opened.  It is a long movie and I ended up missing about fifteen minutes in the middle due to a restroom break.  So when friends wanted to see it again, I went to see the minutes I missed.  The plus here was I could plan my restroom break and miss a different part. 

Now if I hadn't been working for the video distributor, it may have ended there.  Then the studio came in and offered to take us to the movie and we got to go during work hours. 

I'm not stupid!  Paid to go to the movies?  Sign me up!

The studio rep got us drinks and candy and we settled in.  I was next to someone who wasn't impressed with the movie.  Who you sit next to at any event can have an effect on your experience.

My husband and I went to see the musical "Rent" some years back.  I had heard of the show, but didn't know anything about it.  My husband had gotten the tickets for free.  As we settled into our seats the girl sitting next to me asked if I'd seen the show before.  I admitted I hadn't.

She had seen it EIGHT TIMES!  She proceeded with great enthusiasm to give me the history of the show and tell me about what to expect and watch for.  It enhanced the show for me. 

My husband was sitting next to a guy who hadn't wanted to be there.  They discussed ways to fake napping while the show was going on.

The result.  I loved it.  My husband didn't.

In my husband's defense, I think if we'd been in opposite seats, Rent Girl wouldn't have convinced him about the wonders of the show.

My co-worker walked out of the theater disgusted.  I had cried, again.  (I was probably experiencing PMS or had something in my eye).

"I almost cried too."  She announced.  This was surprising as she wasn't an overly emotional person. 

"Really?"  I inquired.

"Who throws jewelry in the ocean?  That made me really sad."

This is the movie that introduced me to Kate Winslet who is divine.  With the re-release there was lots of stories of who was almost Rose.  Including Gwyneth "The Devil" Paltrow.  I am glad she didn't. 

It was a good movie.  I have it on DVD but I don't think I've seen it from beginning to end in the years since it came out.   My husband just has to hear the haunting opening music to announce, "Oh no"  We are not watching that."

But it is a sweet and romantic film.   Was it worth seeing it four times?  By the way, the fourth time was free too, so I couldn't turn it down.  I did notice new things each time.  It was masterful how each story was resolved.  Even characters that were barely there were given a final shot. 

Since I only paid for two viewings, I guess so.   Free snacks go a long way with me.

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