Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Blogiversary To Me!

One year ago today I started my little blog.   I started with this post outlining my plan for this blog. 

My first movie was Ghostbusters

Some months later I detailed my intricate process for choosing a movie to write about.   Some days were easier than others. 

I spent a week writing about my favorite horror movies for Halloween.  Then decided that for the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas I would write about a different holiday movie each day.  This resulted in my most popular post for page views.  The classic, "Charlie Brown Christmas". 

Then life happened in a big, bad way.  Until February 6th of this year, I posted something every day.  I skipped my first day in a morphine induced haze.  But it resulted in another popular, though not movie related post.

This resulted in some quality recliner time.   And not a lot of culturally significant entertainment. 

I have had visitors from every continent except Antarctica.  I am quite popular in Russia.  I have had comments from actual strangers which thrills me to no end. 

My goal a year ago was to write every day.  I do try.  I am back to work on a novel and I think the daily writing did help get my writing muscle in shape. 

I will keep writing.  I hope you keep reading. 


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  1. Happy Blogiversary to you. I have been a blogger for a spell also, food and family was my topic at -Dori