Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Plan-My Life in Movies

I have about 600 DVDs in my house. Each was chosen for a reason. It is a movie that I enjoyed enough to want to watch again. So, I plan to take one of them off the shelf every day and remember where I was when I saw it. I will write about what made it resonate with me and hold a place in my library.

I LOVE MOVIES! I read Entertainment Weekly. I have movie blogs on my RSS feed and know more celebrity gossip than I will admit in polite company. I am addicted to the Internet Movie Database. I have watched every Academy Award ceremony in full since 1982. One year I watched the first hour on a tiny handheld television while in a bowling league. It was the year Mira Sorvino won the best supporting actress for "Mighty Aphrodite".

In 2007, I realized that a planned cruise would start on awards night and made a panicked call to the travel agent to make sure it would be available on the ship. Luckily it was.

So, this is my mission with this blog. To write my life story through the movies that have inspired me, made me laugh, made a cry and had a part in making me who I am

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