Monday, July 2, 2012

A Night of "Ted" - 2012

Last Friday night, my husband and I had a date.  When there is a movie that my husband REALLY wants to see, we see it opening night.  "Ted" was one of those movies.  We are "Family Guy" fans at our house.  It just looked fun.

Our date night started when I got home at 3:30PM.  Yes, our date night was really a date afternoon.  I love seeing movies in the theater.  I don't love paying full price for a night show. 

We got to the movie and waited to get in.  This is one of the reasons I like seeing the first show of the day.  I hate waiting for them to clean the theater and being at the mercy of a teenage gatekeeper. So my husband got in line while I went to the concessions.  We had already picked up drinks that were safely stowed in my purse (Don't tell!) and I was filling our refillable popcorn bucket.  So snacks for two for under $10!

The movie is so wrong it is right.  I can't even quote its foulmouthed hilarity.   Mark Wahlberg is funny as the stunted man who made a childhood wish that brought his teddy to life.  Ted has grown up, but neither he nor John, have matured.  Somehow he has a beautiful and smart girlfriend who has put up with the "thunder buddies" for four years. 

If you like Seth McFarland, it is worth seeing. 

I won't say anymore.  There is sex, drug use and a Flash Gordon cameo. 

After the movie we headed for dinner.  I had mentioned Tasty Tacos, which are these great flour tacos that are puffy and spiced perfectly.  The only problem was that the parking lot is shared by a different movie theater and it was PACKED!

There were some huge movies coming out and we had to change plans.  So we went to Ted's Coney Island. 

Yes.  It was an all Ted night.  And to answer your question,  I was not wearing a teddy.  Or holding a teddy.  

We had our usual.  My husband had a tenderloin basket and I had a gyro basket.  I love the baskets at Ted's.

The sandwiches are awesome.  I will admit that I've never had anything but the gyro here.  I tend to find something I like and only eat that at any restaurant.  It is a double edge sword.  I know what I'm getting is good, but what if there is something better.  On the other hand, what if get something else and it isn't as good.  I could have had my favorite and wasted my chance.

Yes, it is torturous to be me.

The other thing I love about the baskets?  You can't tell because the fork is in the way, but you get fries and onion rings!  I love both and hate to make a choice.  This way I get both and their tangy cole slaw.  They don't include the drink with the combo which is kind of odd, but it is still a good deal.

So, if you are in the area, I can recommend Ted's and if not, I can recommend "Ted".  Both are tangy and a little bad for you, but oh so good. 

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