Saturday, July 21, 2012

Aurora, Colorado

I don't know what to say. 

I have gone to so many movies in my life.  I can imagine the moment with alarming clarity.  So many times I have gone to that safe place and sat in the dark with strangers and been transported to another world.  To have a mentally ill person walk into that place and just destroy lives is unthinkable. 

Today my son went to see the movie.  I didn't tell him, but it made me think of September 11th.

I was working in a call center and talking to a customer about their phone bill when they told me a plane flew into the tower.  I remember asking if it was a small plane and they didn't know.  My whole office spent their breaks and lunches running to the television, coming back with updates. 

Since I worked at the phone company we went into total lockdown.  Communication, even so far away had to be protected. 

That night at home we watched the news and waited.  The horror of what happened took time to sink in.  We had a decision to make.  We had planned a trip and had plane tickets booked for that Saturday. 

All the planes were grounded.  For the first time, nothing was flying. 

If they planes started flying, our choice was to go.  And we did.

Many of our friends and family were shocked with our decision.  They couldn't believe we were going to fly so soon after such an unspeakable tragedy.  But the tragedy is the reason to go on.   I know bad things happen.  I refuse to live in fear.  I know from experience that life is way too short.

In Aurora a terribly disturbed young man took guns into a safe place and caused terrible damage.  All of the newscasts are talking about finding answers.  Even if we discover what was wrong with him it won't change what happened. 

There is no understanding.  At the most we will get a glimpse of his insanity. 

I will still go to the movies.

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