Friday, July 6, 2012

Disney Princesses and Why They Tick Me Off

There are eleven official Disnay Princesses with the addition of Merida from the movie "Brave".

Each one (before Merida) makes me a little mad. 

Let's put them in order. 

Snow White.


Snow White didn't have a whole lot of gumption.  She didn't do anything to change her circumstances.  She is dumped in the woods by the evil queen and becomes a maid for a bunch of dwarfs.  Huh?  Then she eats a poisoned apple and is brought back to life by a kiss.  Then she just hops on this random prince's horse and rides off into the sunset. 

What does this teach young girls?  No matter how bad it gets some guy will come along and take care of you.


More cleaning?  And another bad stepmother?  Cinderella had the friendly animal friends that made her a dress, but that got destroyed.  Then her fairy godmother takes care of all her problems but puts a curfew on the magic. 

What does this teach young girls?  The right shoes will get you a prince.

Sleeping Beauty

Another magic kiss and ride into the sunset.  This one has a fairy battle that results in the big nap Aurora took. 

What does this teach young girls?  Women can't get along and will be terribly catty to each other.

The Little Mermaid

She collects human items.  She gives up her voice for a man.  She ticks off a jealous witch.  She is rescued by her human and her daddy grants her legs so she can go be with her man.

What does this teach young girls?  If the guy is hot it is worth giving up your voice.

Beauty and The Beast

Belle takes her father's place with a ticked off Beast.  She agrees to stay with him and save her father.  So she gives up her freedom and falls in love with the beast.  She got a lot of press because she read books.  It doesn't help.

What does this teach young girls?  If a guy is a beast your love will turn him into a prince. 


Jasmine dresses like a harem girl and has a pet tiger.  But she falls for Aladdin after a ride on his magic carpet. 

What does this teach young girls?   Guys with cool transportation, no matter how untrustworthy they seem to be, are betrothal worthy.


Poor Pocahontas.  She shows the white man how wonderful her land is.  She saves his life.  But then ends up losing her land and going to England and dying of a white man's disease.  OK, they don't show that part in the movie, but it happened for real. 

What does this teach young girls?  Guys will take what they want and screw you over.


OK.  Mulan isn't too bad.  She takes her father's place so the old man doesn't have to fight the Huns.  But she has to spend most of the movie pretending to be a man.  Her father sends a dragon to protect her.   She still manages to find romance while pretending to be a man. 

What does this teach young girls?  Just because you can kill the bad guy doesn't mean you can't look pretty and catch a man.

Princess and the Frog

Tiana wants to open a restaurant.  She works two jobs and tries to save for it.  After a wish for help, she kisses a frog and instead of getting a prince she becomes a frog herself.   There is a lot of action and eventually they get married and become human again.  Then she opens her own restaurant. 

What does this teach young girls?  No matter how hard you work, if you marry a frog you are still going to be working.  Not a terrible lesson there.


Rapunzel.  Oh Rapunzel.  Let down your hair.  Is this a commercial for hair products?  And this version does crazy Spiderman antics with her hair.  It even has super magic powers.  She falls in love with a bad boy and when he breaks her heart she decides to spend her life in the tower.

What does this teach young girls?  Don't cut your hair.  It is magic.


Merida is strong, independent and feisty.  She rescues her family and saves her clan. 

What does this teach young girls?  Listen to your mother, unless she tells you that you need a man to be complete. 

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