Thursday, August 16, 2012


So yesterday was my anniversary.  I got home and usually go on my walk right away to get it done (over with).  But we were going to dinner and I didn't want to get all sweaty or have to take a shower.  We went to Outback and had a steak.   It is crazy that it is cheaper to eat steak out then buy it and cook it at home.

So we go home and I kept going back and forth in my mind.  Would I walk?  Should I take a night off?  What should I do? 

We walked in the door and I said "I think I'll take the night off."  My husband said it was OK.  And I started to.  But then I couldn't.

I walked by an exercise thing we have in the living room.  It is like an exercise bike without the bike, just the peddles.  So you can sit in your chair and peddle.  It has been sitting there long enough to have gathered some dust.   So I dragged it to my chair and I started peddling.  I peddled enough to work up a sweat.

So I didn't walk, but I did exercise. It made me feel better.

Also, I have to thank my friend Michelle.  She told me that it was better after four days of walking and it was.  My ankles and feet don't hurt now.  Thanks!

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