Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Got A New Pair of Shoes

I got new shoes.  They are red and black.  Red shoes worked for Dorothy.  Of course I don't have a magic wand to make my training any easier.  Who am I kidding?   If good old Glinda floated in on her bubble I would go for a perfect body that can only be maintained by pizza and Oreos.  But alas, no witches, good or bad, are swooping in to grant me any favors. 

These are specifically running shoes.  I have bought some running shoes before, but other than an occasional panicked run to the bathroom they didn't wear out from over use. 

It is only four days until the 5K.  I am telling everyone about my plan so I can be held responsible for my goal, same as having it on the Internet for all to see.

Soon I will be walking.  I have to remember some sunscreen, find some shorts and maybe a hat in my closet.  I just want to finish.  Hope the shoes help me down that path.  It's no Yellow Brick Road, but it is the beginning of a journey to make my wishes come true.  Then I will keep walking until I am running.

Glinda knew it wasn't enough to just want it.    You've got to work for it.

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  1. You are a determined person and will achieve the goals you set for yourself!