Sunday, August 26, 2012

Walking the Mall

It was raining yesterday.  My husband had to be at the local mall for work so I decided to embrace my inner old lady and be a mall walker.  I google the mall to see what the dimensions were, since my GPS tracking on my phone wouldn't work inside.  According to the mall website it was one mile for the entire perimeter of the mall.  That didn't seem too bad. 

So we got there.  I had some missions while in the mall.  I wanted to get a heart rate monitor/pedometer watch I could wear all the time.  I am curious about how much I walk other than my daily walk. 

So I started my first round.  I found a pedometer app on my phone and started going.  It didn't take long to walk the mall.  But when I got back to where I started it was only .78 of a mile. 


The mall lied!

Or I missed something.  I decided to to keep walking.  My pace was a little slower.  I was trying not to sweat too much.  But the mall was kind of hot.  I also couldn't get my speed up because shoppers are kind of rude.  They just stop. 

I would be walking a good pace and then some screaming kid is being dragged in front of me.  Although tempted, I do not kick the kids out of my way.  It would be rude.

After getting a mile and a half in, I decided to look for my monitor.  My mall has a Target attached and I love the Target.

I had a list of items, including new socks and a juicer.  Just a little juicer.  My husband has been making fresh lemonade for me when I get back from my walks.  Very tasty.

But first I wanted to find the monitor.  I went to electronics.  There were several young men there. 

"Do you have heart monitors?"

Two of the men turned to one man, the alpha obviously.

"What are you monitoring?"  he asked.

"For exercise."

He pointed me in a direction and I wandered for a few minutes trying to find them.  I passed a woman pushing merchandise to stock.  She smiled and asked if I was finding what I needed.

"I'm looking for heart monitors."

"Oh, they are by the pharmacy.   They have wrist ones and some with cuffs."  She turned to lead me.

"I want one for exercise."

"Oh."  She looked surprised.  "This way."

She led me to a wall of exercise electronics.

I picked out the one I wanted and she called for someone to come unlock it.  I got the Alpha boy from electronics.

He unlocked it for me and told me it would be waiting for me when I was done shopping. 

I started to walk away. 

I turned, wondering if I'd forgotten something. 

"Let me give you a tip.  When you legs start to ache, that isn't a sign you should stop.  It just means they need more oxygen.  Just slow down, take deep breaths and it will pass.  You'll be able to go longer.  That pain is called the wall.  You can break through it and go farther."

I thanked him.

"Cross country track."  He smiled in explanation.

I was a little surprised.  Here was a random stranger, young enough to be my kid giving me encouragement and advice. 

I tried today it today and it worked.  Thanks kid. 


  1. Nice nugget of wisdom! You didn't tell us - when you walked around the 2nd time - was it still .78? Was the mall really off? Or your pedometer?

  2. I guess you have to go in every nook and cranny to make it a full mile. I chose not to go through the food court the second time. Too many temptations.