Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Road

River Bridge

I have been walking the bike trail about half a mile from my house.  I like the trail because after a couple of weeks walking it I have worked out landmarks to know where I am on the trail and when the app on my phone will give me a five minute update. 

The River Bridge is the first bridge.  Once I am at the end of this bridge I have usually hit the ten minute mark and if I turn around I will put in a mile walk.  It is also my rejuvenation point for any walk.  I know when I see the bridge I will be home in ten minutes and if I already walked more than that, ten minutes won't be so bad.

On Monday it was so hot and humid I cut my planned three mile walk down to two.  I wanted to try and make three miles every day.  But by the one mile mark I was struggling.  My joints were aching and it was hard to get a good deep breath.  It was just killing me.  I finally saw the river bridge and almost called my husband for rescue.

But I made it home, collapsed just a little and sweated it out. 

Tuesday I got home and it was hotter.  I thought about walking for a mile and just couldn't.  But I have resolved to live without making excuses, so I decided to use the stationary bike.  I pedaled for half an hour while I watched an episode of "Friends".  It wasn't so bad.

I have found that if I set mini goals within my exercise I can keep going.  The five minute reminders are perfect for me.  I just tell myself I can make it five more minutes.

Today I have the day off and decided to see how far I could go.  I started at 9:30AM walking down to the bike trail.  In my past walks I have to go over three bridges.  Beyond those three bridges is a section that crosses the road.  I have been close, but the road is just shy of a two mile walk.

Today I decided to see if I could make the road. 

It was cooler, the heat didn't really come out until about noon.  I had my music going and just started walking.   I passed the big bridge.  Another quarter of a mile or so was a little bridge.  Then after another bit was the third bridge.  I hit the thirty minute mark in my walk. 

I kept going.  Finally I came around a bend and at the 35 minute mark, I crossed the road. 

I smiled like the Cheshire cat.


It feels silly that crossing a road has such an impact.  But I did it.  I walked another five minutes across the road and turned at 40 minutes.  The walk back is on a slight decline.  I didn't know this, but my app showed me.  It is hardly noticeable. Just enough to make the walk home easier.

I hit my all time high, 4 miles with my house in sight.  My legs felt like jelly.  I had sweat running like a river down my butt crack.  My hair was completely soaked under my ball cap.

I am 42 years old, almost 43 and I'm just realizing what I'm capable of.  I haven't found the limit yet. 

Today I made it to the road. 

I can't wait for tomorrow.

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  1. YAY! I still can't believe you walked 4 miles! You should be so proud of yourself!!!!

    I love the 5 minute reminders too - but I pay less attention to where they occur and more attention to the pace information. .2 of a mile per 5 minutes is what I look for - I know if I've done more - then I'm walking faster. Since - for at least this week - I'm focusing on pace - I keep this running contest in my head - OK - I did 2.2 on that one. Let's see if I can do 2.3 on the next one - - - - - Sometimes if I feel like it's been 5 minutes - I get anxious and pull my phone out of my pocket. My private version of ARE WE THERE YET????

    I notice when I get so focused on 5 minutes - - i kind of forget the total # - and sometimes it catches me by surprise that my 5 minutes has become 30!

    I like to try random streets and see where they go. Occasionally this gets me into trouble - particularly when I realize I keep going down - and have yet to find a side street - and I know that the only way home is UP!!!!