Monday, October 10, 2011

"Runaway Bride" 1999

“Runaway Bride”

When I am driving my car, I listen to audio books. Long books that take weeks to finish.

My husband is a different story.

My husband loves music. All kinds of music. When I am riding in his car we are usually listening to his satellite radio. I rarely hear a whole song in that car. He flips through the channels like a man possessed. We will start out listening to something from the seventies. He will jump to the comedy channel and see what comedian is playing. Back to some golden oldies. Who’s on the classic country channel? Check the other comedy channel.

It is like a soundtrack for Attention Deficit Disorder.

“Wait, that is “Please Come To Boston”, I haven’t heard that in ages.” I try to slow it down.

“Oh, I hear it all the time.” He will stop and let me listen, but his fingers grip the steering wheel tapping impatiently just knowing he is missing something awesome during my crappy little three minute song.

Sometimes a song will strike a memory of a movie.

Some songs are in so many movies that they don’t evoke anything. Some are so iconic for me that they immediately bring the scenes to mind and make me want to watch that movie.

One of those songs is “Ready to Run” by the Dixie Chicks. As soon as I hear that song on the radio I can see Julia Roberts riding the horse away from her wedding. Her hair and gown streaming behind her.
It has Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, reuniting ten years after “Pretty Woman”. They are different characters but the spark was still there. You just know that Maggie has just been waiting for Ike to show up and take her off the market for good.

It is a sweet and funny movie. It has a great supporting cast, including Hector Elizondo, Joan Cusack and Rita Wilson.

A lot happens in the movie. And it ends happily, as a romantic comedy should. And the soundtrack is pretty good.
Of course, I haven’t heard the whole song on the radio in years.

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