Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hollywood Thinks We Are Stupid.

Part one in a potentially ongoing series.

Hollywood thinks people are stupid. I know this and to some point accept it.
Last night I was watching “Bridesmaids” which is a funny flick. It started me thinking about female friends in movies. Anytime there are more than two friends in a movie, they all have very different hair colors.
There is a blonde, a brunette and a redhead.
If there are four friends, they will mix it up.
The extra brunette will have darker hair.
The extra blonde’s shade will be darker of lighter than the first blonde.
Have you ever watched the “Amazing Race”?
I have seen too many episodes of best friends in that show that look like they could be sisters.

Does Hollywood really believe that we couldn’t keep track of the female characters if they didn’t differentiate them in such an obvious way?

See the examples.
In guy movies, this doesn’t happen.
Apparently Hollywood thinks we can tell the guys apart.

But just not the girls.

It kind of ticks me off. I just had to rant. Tomorrow will return to our regularly scheduled program.

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