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"Murphy's Romance" 1985

“Murphy’s Romance”

My husband is watching football and I am watching “Murphy’s Romance on my computer and live blogging it.

Opening: We have the open road at sunrise.

Sally Field.

James Garner.

Love them both. I love a lot of people. Get over it.
Corey Haim is sleeping in the front seat. All kinds of stuf in the truck. Poor Corey Haim. It is hard for young actors. They get famous and before they can make good decisions people are letting them do whatever they want.

Turning into a broken down farm. Looks hot to be wearing jackets. But Mom and son give each other a “We are in this together” look. Now they are moving in.

Ewww! Mouse! Sally throws a boot at it. Go Sally!!!

Amazing how a little cleaning and these deserted old houses are suddenly ship shape and all comfortable.

Very inspiring eighties score as Sally and Corey work hard.

She made a handwritten flyer! She is ready for business.

Fancy old car.

James Garner’s voice. “Lady, you’re covering up my causes.”
Witty banter with the pharmacy assistant. Now onto Sally and James.

Back home. Bus is coming. How was Jake’s first day? No computers in the school? What year was this made again?

Oooh! Downtown Saturday night. Whole town is on Main Street. Jake wants ice cream.

Nice kid, he got his mom an ice cream too.

Looks like Murphy is in a band. Cowboys give up there seats? Yeah, it is a movie.

Murphy makes his first old joke. Now he’s getting hit on by an older woman.

I have a problem here. A twelve or thirteen year old boy lets him mom throw her arm around his shoulder while they walk down Main Street? Don’t think so.

Oh, Jake is tired. Mom is lonely. She has no one else to play cards with.

Murphy and Emma at city hall. More cute banter.
Dog peeing!

Emma wants a loan. Bring on the sexism.

Emma’s day isn’t getting any better. She and Murphy have a little tiff.

Cleaning windows. Gotta let the kid know they are broke.

Poor Jake, Now he’s looking for a job. Turned down at the markey.

He’s doesn’t have a bike. No paper route.

Now Jake’s at the pharmacy and Murphy is showing off his car.

Going for a slow ride. The car is from 1927, it can’t go fast.

Old man on the road. Murphy picks him up. Mr. Abbott is our oldest citizen, he’s 89. Is that old enough to be the oldest citizen. He’s getting married. Called Murphy a youngster.
Going thirty miles an hour. That is too fast. Old man got out.

Murphy is a softy. He hires Jake to wash glasses for $3.50 an hour.

Emma’s at a horse auction checking out the horse flesh.

Hunky guy gets her up on the truck. She rebuffs his advances. Oh, Murphy’s on the truck!
Emma is showing her horse knowledge.

Popped knees.

Something with his whithers? What is a whither?

Murphy is bidding on a horse. A thousand dollar bid. Sold!

He’s going to board it at Emma’s. Sneaky old James Garner!

More inspiring eighties music as Emma trains the horse.

Murphy hangs out admiring her equestrian skills.

He’s studying French and writing a chili cookbook. How many recipes for chili can there be in one book?

Little love talk.

Uh Oh! Stupid kid in a Transam! Emma’s in the ditch!!!!

No insurance! The humanity!

$150 a night for the hospital. That isn’t bad.

Murphy got Emma some business. Now they can talk about sex.

Who’s taking care of Jake while Emma’s in the hospital?

Emma’s out of the hospital. That is good.

Uh Oh! Motorcycle in the yard. Who is that?

Bobby Jack. The ex. Brian Kerwin. He was Emma Stone’s dad in “The Help” this year.
Jake is home from school. He is thrilled to see his dad!

Sally Field does great at the mixed emotions. She loves that Jake is happy but pissed that Bobby Jack thinks he’s staying.

Bobby Jack is trying to win her back. She is tired.

The ex meets Murphy.

Horse poop joke!

More instrumentals while Emma makes Bobby Jack work his butt off.

Don’t do his laundry Sally!!!

Butt shot!!! Nudity is required in an eighties movie.

Murphy riding his horse at sunset.

Water running down the stairs. Time for Emma to explain to Murphy about why the ex is there. She’s just helping out while he’s out of work.

Time for corn beef hash. The rivalry begins.

Is Murphy funny? He can fix a toilet and sew a dress. “Only son of a widowed mother”. That is manly.

Now Murphy is eating a lot of meals at Emma’s.

Playing cards for matchsticks.

“Oh I’ll play these”. Emma has a good hand.

Don’t slam matches. My sister did that once. She slammed a box of wooden matches on the counter and it burst into flames. Scared the living crap out of me.

Bobby Jack is cheating at cards. Murphy is going to get him!

“Tell em we had a pissing contest and you won.”

Bobby Jack is stealing from Emma! He is bad!

Another night on the town. Murphy shows up again.

Cute scene with the cowboy hats.
“We’re going to the movies.”

“Haven’t been to the movies since the Duke died. Maybe I’ll look in.”

Horror movie. Emma is scared. Jake is in shock. Bobby Jack is excited and Murphy is disgusted.

Murphy leaves and Jake follows. Jake saw his dad cheating.

“Take after him or not. It’s up to you.”

Murphy is a good guy.

Emma is out of the movie now.

“Three dollars for human hamburger.”

Man, it’s $6.50 for a matinee here! And they were at a night showing.

Bingo time.

Ladies in the bathroom. Murphy’s friend is judging Emma.

She must have been the late Mrs. Murphy’s best friend.

BINGO!!!! Check the little lady!

She won $200.

Excited hug for Murphy.

“I’m gonna have to bring you here more often.”

Bobby Jack is throwing a party.

Murphy and Emma washing dishes. They have the whole town there and used real dishes? How would she even have that many dishes?
More talk about age. Murphy won’t tell.

Talk about marriage. Hmmm.

“I was a little surprised to find a woman in love with me.”

“Don’t you like yourself?”

“Yes, I just didn’t expect it to be contagious.”

More sex talk now between Bobby Jack and Murphy.


Kind of ugly.

“ You are a miserable little son of a bitch, you know that? I don't know why she took you in the house... I'd bed you down with the dogs! And I'll tell you something else, mister, you may be a lot younger and stronger, but you're about to get you’re a$$ kicked from here to the state line... and I'm wearin' the boots that can do it!”

“You're a feisty old booger, aren't ya.”

“I thought we just settled that!”

Bobby Jack is singing.

Great scene at the dance!

Fighting over Emma until she finally tells them to dance together. Awesome!!!

Another invitation to dinner.

He’s turning her down? What?

She keeps trying. Finally uses Jake to get him in the house.

SURPRISE!!! Birthday party.

How many candles? Set the damn thing on fire.

Teary eyed birthday speech. Awww. So sweet.

Hay delivery. Time to haul the hay.

Bobby Jack wants a roll in the hay.

Emma is not having fun.

Fake sneeze saves her virtue!

“I seem to be allergic to something.”

Picking up Jake at school. Bad news. She’s kicking out Bobby Jack.

Jake needs some time to himself. He’s going to walk home.

More inspirational eighties music.

That isn’t the way the school bus comes from?

Strange truck in the yard. What does that mean?

SURPRISE! Bobby Jack has babies! Two of em.

Larry and Linus. Who names babies Larry and Linus?

Wanda, his friend from Tulsa.

Emma is diapering babies and asking questions. Wanda is eighteen! That is too young to have babies.

She just wants to take care of her babies.

Time for the big dump. Of Bobby Jack.

Heat waves, tank tops and sharing ice cream. That is how you make twins.

Jake is home. He meets his brothers. So cute!

Two babies in a pick up. No car seats! Poor babies!

Back at the pharmacy. Asking advice of Murphy.
Finally! Murphy kisses her!

Full circle. Now we are at sunset. Emma has made a decision.

She is happy!

Murphy is coming back from his ride.

Talking about the weather.

“Separate the men from the boys. I show some wear I don’t deny it.”

“Stay to dinner, Murphy?”

“I won't do that unless I'm still here at breakfast.”
“How do you like your eggs?”
“I’m 60.” Great last line.

Music swells! Credits roll. There was an intern named Princess McLean? Good movie. Always makes me smile.

What did you think of this experiment?

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  1. Great job! One of my favorites movies of all time. Deep bows for bringing a smile.