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"Knocked Up" 2007

“Knocked Up”

I don’t know how to feel about Katharine Heigel quite yet. She looks a lot like Charlize Theron. But she seems a little snooty. And she often plays women that for some reason can’t get a man. Yeah…. Cause guys hate hot blondes. Plus she is always so high maintenance so that might be why she is single.

It is hard to believe how young Seth Rogan is. When he made this movie, he was twenty-three. He looks thirty or so.

They play Alison and Ben. There is one crazy night and they somehow end up pregnant.
Alison is a successful television producer and lives in her sister’s guest house. Really? She can’t afford her own place? One of the best scenes is when she hears about her promotion to on air personality.
Jack: ...there's gonna be some things that you are going to be able to get, that other people in the office don't get... one of them: Gym membership.
Alison Scott: You want me to lose weight?
Jack: [laughing] No, I don't want you to lose weight!
Jill: No, uh, we can't legally ask you to do that.
Jack: We didn't say lose weight... I might say tighten.
Alison Scott: Tight?
Jack: Tighter.
Jill: Just liked toned and smaller.
Jack: Don't make everything smaller, I don't wanna generalize that way... tighter.
Jill: We don't want you to lose weight, we just want you to be healthy. Y'know, by eating less.
Alison Scott: OK.
Jill: We would just like it if you go home and step on the scale, and write down how much you weigh, and subtract it by like, 20.
Alison Scott: 20.
Jill: And then weigh that much.

Ben is developing a website and has somehow stretched out a $30,000 settlement to keep him in pot and drinking money.
Ben Stone: You know, the best thing for a hangover is weed. Do you smoke weed?
Alison Scott: Not really.
Ben Stone: You don't?
Alison Scott: No.
Ben Stone: At all?
Alison Scott: Uh-uh.
Ben Stone: Like... in the morning?
Alison Scott: No... I just... don't.
Ben Stone: It is, like, the best medicine. 'Cause it fixes everything. Jonah broke his elbow once. We just... got high and... it still clicks but, I mean, he's ok.

Then there is Debbie, played by the director’s wife, Leslie Mann. Her kids are also in the movie, wonder how she got that job.
Debbie: [on subject of husbands] You criticize them so much, they get down on themselves, and then they're forced to change!

Paul Rudd is her husband Pete whose main job here is being cute.

Pete: Marriage is like a tense, unfunny version of Everybody Loves Raymond, only it doesn't last 22 minutes. It lasts forever.

I have never been a big fan of the bickering couple. Apparently this movie was popular enough they are reprising their characters in a new movie. I guess I can’t imagine being in that kind of relationship. I know my husband and I will bicker sometimes. Just tonight he got little worked up about the dishwasher. But I couldn’t imagine living in a house where it was all bickering and criticizing. It would get old fast.

So Ben and Alison make it to the end of the pregnancy, somehow learning to love each other. Then there is the birth scene. I think Apatow was going for the Farrelly Brothers’ shot from “There’s Something About Mary”. That was a great shock moment seeing the franks and beans caught in a zipper. This was just bad. We see the baby crowning and there is nothing to suggest that a whole bunch of bodily fluids are involved. It is clean.
And Alison reacts to one of Ben's friend's coming into the room. Excuse me? Two months after I had my son, I was in the room when my nephew was born. Suddenly there was a room full of people. Not like the movies where you see the doctor and a nurse. There were like fifteen people standing around. I had to as a nurse to move so I could get video of the baby coming out.

Later I mentioned to my husband how crowded the room was. He commented that when our son was born there were about that many people in my room. I had no clue. When you have a human being coming out of your body, you just want it out. You don’t care who’s in the room.

Overall it has funny moments. I liked Ben’s friends and roommates and most have gone on to do other things that are also kinda funny.

But the jury of me is still out on Katharine Heigel.

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