Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Firestarter" 1984


It is my favorite author’s birthday. Stephen King is sixty-four today. After the scare some years back when he was hit by a van, he has continued to put out great writing. He is getting a huge resurgence right now and it seems like they are making new movies and remaking old movies based on his work. He is in the Guiness Book of World Records for the most adaptations based on published works.

“Firestarter” came out during the beginning of his movie adaptations. It isn’t the best one, “Shawshank Redemption” wins that. It isn’t the worst, that would be “Maximum Overdrive” (Sorry Uncle Steve even admits it wasn’t very good. But I love the campiness).
It stars Drew Barrymore during the height of her childhood career. She breathes heavy, sweats and her hair blows dramatically.

Charlie McGee: [to her power] Back off! Just back off!

David Keith is her dad. It is really his only other major role after “An Officer and Gentleman”. He gets to breath hard, sweat and get nose bleeds dramatically.
Of course we also have Martin Sheen, George C. Scott and Heather Locklear in supporting roles. They all have their own dramatic fire related moments.

My favorite though is Art Carney. The fact that Ed Norton is living on a farm with Nurse Ratchet makes me giggle. And he is a bad ass!
Irv Manders: You men are tresspassin. Show me a warrant or get off my land.
Agent: We don't need a warrant.
Irv Manders: You do unless I woke up in Russia this morning!

It is kind of a guilty pleasure movie. The book is better, but it always is.

So happy birthday Mr. King. Thanks for all the good reads and for some of the good movies.

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