Sunday, June 10, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman - 2012

Why do fairy tale characters always have British accents.  This movie we have a screen full of some big stars and they all have a put on accent.  That is just silly.

Kristin Stewart is Snow White.  She gets the traditional back story where her lovely mother gets exactly what she wishes for.  

Skin white as snow, hair black as a raven, lips red as blood. 

Why wish for skin white as snow.  I have pale skin and it is a major pain in the butt.  I was in junior high and high school at the height of the tanning craze.  I actually had people write "get some color" in my yearbook.  I've never had anyone compliment it.  I have used it to my advantage when I am not feeling well.  People comment then that I look pale.  It help.

The did add that the mother wished her to have a strong spirit as well.  Makes for a good example for the kids.

But this is NOT a kid's movie.

There are few moments that are a little gross.  The dark forest, while it didn't have rodents of unusual size, had some creepy moments.

The evil queen also has some icky snack choices.

Plus she bathes in Elmer's glue.  With her crown on.  I leave my wedding ring on in  the shower, but that is some messed up stuff.

She has a brother by her side.  He is so creepy you don't see him in any of the advertising. 

Finally there is the Huntsman of the title.

He is rocking that tortured but dirty guy who helps save the day. 

But Snow White is no damsel in distress.  In the story it is all about getting Prince Charming and living happily ever after.

We get the apple.  We get the coma induced by the apple.  But this Snow White isn't wasting her waking on wedding plans.

She is kicking butt.

That was a nice change. 

It was a good movie.  Some moments of levity.  Great visual effects.  I liked it.

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