Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day

I started to write a lot of things about father's day.  But every story made me miss him more.  So here are just a few pictures and memories.

I think of him every time I hear a Johnny Cash song.

Or when my son looks at me like this.

Or when I see a goofy saying on a t-shirt.  Especially when paired with a slightly evil grin.

When I hear my son laugh in Dad's full-throated, whole body sort of way.

My oldest nephew is all tangled up in my memories of my dad.  They were best buddies. He would take him on errands and make sure he talked to him almost every day.  I wish he'd had a chance to be that way with all his grandkids.

No one else has ever quite measured up.  I miss you Dad.  Happy Father's Day.

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