Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What To Expect When You're Expecting - 2012

Sometimes you just need a fluffy movie.  This is one of those.  It falls under the trend of putting a lot of stars in a movie without really starring any of them.  They all have these little vignettes and manage to connect to one another in a convenient way. 

The movie starts on a fake celebrity dancing competition that looks suspiciously like "Dancing With The Stars.".  The winner, Cameron Diaz has her own reality show that is suspiciously like "The Biggest Loser".  When she wins and gets so dizzy she throws up, the fun really starts.

 Then we have Jennifer Lopez who has a hot husband, a good career photographing babies and a bad uterus.  She is adopting from Ethiopia.  She was cute and Tootie from "The Facts of Life" was her adoption lady.  Glad to see Kim Fields getting work!

Elizabeth Banks has a maternity store and has written a children's book about breastfeeding.  After trying for two years she finally gets pregnant.  She soon realizes that it isn't all fun and games.  I know it was a long time ago but this woman pees herself a lot in this movie.  I don't remember a loss of bladder control during pregnancy.  

Brooklyn Decker is Dennis Quaid's trophy wife who is having the perfect pregnancy.  She even literally sneezes the baby out.  She is here for the purpose of making all the other moms jealous.

Anna Kendrick is a food truck owner who has a one night stand that ends in pregnancy.  Hers is a quiet little story amongst the over the top pregnancies that abound.  It almost feels like it should be in a different movie.  She is a good actress.  I loved her in "Up In The Air".

Then there are the "Dudes" led by Chris Rock.  They are in the movie to show what happens on the other side.  When they make the sequels, "What to Expect the First Year" they will offer hindsight and advice.

Plus they are friends with this guy.  (Do you like how I slipped that in?  It is for all the other "True Blood" fans)

It is a fluffy movie.  One that I will watch when it is on cable and there's nothing else on.  There were some good moments and near the end they did play with my emotions a touch.  I didn't need a Kleenex, but it was close.  It got me out of the house on my afternoon off.

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