Sunday, May 27, 2012

Men In Black 3 - 2012

It was a triple generation trip to the movies today.  I went with my mother and my son.  My mom was visiting for my niece's graduation and we decided to go to the movies.

I knew this movie was coming but it kind of snuck up on me.  I was sitting with the family and watching television on Thursday night and the commercial came on. 

My sister said she wanted to see it.

"So do I, but it isn't out until Memorial Day weekend."  I told them.

They all stared at me for a moment while I realized that we were currently IN Memorial Day weekend.

It is a pretty good movie.  The first one is the best of course.  They did things in that movie that had never been done before.  For this one they were smart and didn't focus on the crazy alien effects and made it about J and K. 

That being said, there is a crazy alien who is out to get K. 

Josh Brolin does a great job as the younger K.

It is really just a fun movie worth seeing if you loved the other two.  There are lots of funny things.  They didn't give away everything in the trailers.  I really liked it.  Not as good as the first, about equal to the second. 

Now as we were walking out of the theater my mother turned to me.

"I didn't remember there being aliens in these movies."

"What?"  I think my jaw was on the floor.

"Well, after it started I remembered."  She explained.

There are aliens in the movie. 

Warn your mother.

Love you Mom.

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