Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Tina Fey

Today is Tina Fey's birthday.  We are now the same age, about six months apart.  I love Tina Fey. 

I remember hearing about the first female head writer for "Saturday Night Live", but the name wasn't familiar to me.  I can remember her smart and funny "Weekend Updates".  That is when she started registering on my radar. 

I remember when she did her American Express which was really funny.

It is almost like a straight version of "30 Rock",

I love "30 Rock".  Not just because I am positive that if Tina and I met we'd be best friends.  I have never laughed harder than the episode where Liz and Jenna have a falling out.  She decides to find a new best friend.  Next thing you know she is standing out the bathroom door in a Barnes and Noble.  That friendship didn't work out, but I know ours would.

"30 Rock" is pure goofy fun.  It is classic sitcom style where there is one sane person surrounded by a bunch of nuts.  The genius of this show is that the crazy person changes every show.  Some weeks it is Liz.  Other weeks Jack is going off the rails.  Then every show there are the antics of Jenna, Tracy and the writers.  I can watch them a couple times and find new things to laugh at. 

She is awesome in "Baby Mama". 

"Date Night" was essentially a remake of "Adventures in Babysitting" for grownups.  But I love the chemistry between her and Steve Carell.  They seem like a real couple. 

So Tina give me a call.  We could hang out and discuss junk food and reality television.  Oh, and Happy Birthday!

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